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CCI 3619, Comporta, 7580-613, Portugal

AMI License 13572

Established March 2010

Ronald Wayne:  +351 927 771 776

Carla Lopes:       +351 927 771 826



What our clients say…


Luke Portman

“Living Portugal Property” helped me secure a variety of on and off market properties throughout Melides, Comporta, and father afield. With a complex brief they were able to tick every box with unique properties that really spoke to me on a personal level. I also purchased some farmland off the beaten track up in the hills with spectacular ocean views, water sources and fertile soil. When I started looking there was one large international agency here and the gold rush hadn’t properly begun. There are now a number of large agencies who have brought in people from Lisbon or further and have very little knowledge of what has been and what is coming, be careful being sold a false dream in an overpopulated location.

Because Ronald and Carla have lived and worked here for over 20 years they know the land as locals, and most of the locals! They have relationships with people who are just thinking of selling but don’t want trust the larger agencies, which gives them a unique off market book of properties.

English and Portuguese speaking, patient, kind, and intensely knowledgable of the Land and local culture; they will be able to help find what you are looking for. Most importantly they will help navigate the complexities of National and Local authorities on property purchases which can often be hazardous to approach alone..

I guarantee you, as someone that now owns several ‘private’ and ‘licensed’ properties that there is no better agent than “Living Portugal Property” for the Comporta/Grandola/Alcacer do Sal areas.


Lemy Gresh

Ronald is the best agent one can hope for. Honest, transparent, knowledgeable and understanding of his clients’ needs. Highly recommended.


Jeremy West

When you have a dream for the future that is anchored in Alentejo, everyone involved needs to be part of the journey. Ronald was part of our journey before he knew it, but when we met him and Carla, they became more integral than we could ever have anticipated.

They are a unique mix of absolute professionalism, complete honesty and unrivalled knowledge, and the journey we all embarked upon has led us to become friends.

We will never be able to thank them enough for achieving what no-one else was able to do – delivering the start of a new life in an idyllic location.

If your dream, adventure or investment is in Comporta, then there is only one team to deliver it for you. Thank you Ronald and Carla.


João Mota

I have no words to thank you for all your professionalism, friendliness, care, attention and kindness!
My thanks for everything, big hug friend João Mota.


Alain Lafforgue

Ronald and Carla are very professional. They know the market very well and will be able to guide you with complete transparency and honesty. We really appreciated them when we bought through them in October 2020.

As a business manager, I judge them to be very efficient!


Anne Lange

Ronald Wayne’s ethical qualities, his in-depth knowledge of the market and his unique personal connections make him a trusted advisor for investing in the Comporta region.

Ronald listens to his clients and unearths “favorite” properties which are also financially excellent investments.

He’s a great professional.


Florence L

Ronald is extremely serious and professional. His listening and understanding of our needs, reinforced by his great knowledge of the market and its constraints, have guided us step by step.

Installed in Comporta for over 15 years, he advised us and helped us find our “rare pearl.”

Thank you 🤩


Markus Imholz

Many thanks to Ronald for the trusting, professional and successful cooperation.

With your help, we have found and purchased a beautiful piece of land in Comporta. I can unreservedly recommend Living Portugal Property to anyone interested.

You can expect serious work and excellent knowledge for Comporta from Ronald Wayne.


François Serweytens de Merx

We have been looking for the place of our dreams for over 2 years, a stone’s throw from Pego beach in Comporta.

We were very pleasantly impressed with the professionalism of Ronald Wayne and his wife Carla.

Ronald was very attentive and found us the rare pearl. He is very honest.

Indeed, as foreigners, we had apprehensions but these were very quickly dispelled. Ronald put us in touch with a number of trustworthy professionals such as a notary, an accountant, trades etc.

Ronald accompanied us in all the steps and played the perfect role of intermediary between the seller and us. We can therefore only advise to use the services of Living Portugal Property represented by Ronald Wayne.


Caroline d’Huart

We called on Living Portugal Property when we were looking to make a real estate purchase in Comporta and found in Ronald Wayne a trusted contact, knowing perfectly his files and the peculiarities of this place.

He perfectly played his role of intermediary between the buyer and the seller, providing good advice. It is also very significant, even after our purchase, to continue to stay in contact with him and his agency.

We obviously saw other real estate agents, but none had this listening, this desire to help us find the property that suited us perfectly and in all honesty. We can only recommend calling on his professionalism!


Harriet Horspool

Unrivalled knowledge of the market and ability to navigate complex situations – definitely the best and pleasure to spend time with!


Pierre d’Andrimont

You will not be disappointed ! Thanks to Living Portugal Property we found the land of our dreams in Melides. Ronald immediately understood what we were looking for. It was a real pleasure to deal with him, I recommend him with my eyes closed.


Mario Martins

I really enjoyed the professionalism, the ability to listen to the client’s needs, the resilience, the tireless quest to satisfy the client’s interests.

Ronald was incredible in the accompaniment he dedicated us during the 3 days of visits! I strongly recommend it!


Ron Kedmi

This is the best agency in Portugal with the fastest professional and courteous response I can expect Director Ronald is a kind personality Holding the most worthwhile assets


Veronique Peims

Ronald allowed us to find the terrain of our dreams in Portugal. He accompanied us throughout the research process. Also helped us in our administrative procedures.

I recommend Ronald Wayne to all my friends looking for a property in the Comporta area.


Cassia M

Ronald has been absolutely brilliant and a complete pleasure to work with! We bought a plot of land through him here in Comporta last year.

He has helped and advised us every step of the way, making the process so much easier to navigate through.


Tim Morris

Ronald Wayne could not have been more helpful as my wife and I searched for a property to buy in Portugal. He is always friendly and accessible and has great personal knowledge of the Comporta property scene.

For anybody considering buying a property in the area around Comporta I would recommend Ronald without hesitation. We are absolutely delighted with our purchase.


Fiona Alexander

Ronald was an absolute pleasure to work with. He showed me a variety of properties in the area and helped me narrow down my search ‘zone’. We found a wonderful plot on which to build our dream home and are about to submit plans for planning approval.

Ronald also recommended legal and architectural firms and clearly explained how the purchase process works in Portugal. His local restaurant tips were great too!


Bartolomeo Aquaviva

I managed to give you a 5 star vote. Well deserved!!


Imanali Padania

Hello, Myself Imanali Padania, Investor and Investment consultant from India.

To begin with, I met Mr. Ronald first time in November , 2017 for my own requirement of investment opportunities as well as for my friends group.  I didn’t execute any deals in my first 3 to 4 visits.

My friends group (12 invesotrs) visited for 10 days and again no one could execute any deal due to fund transfer issue with Indian Law.

Technically Mr.Ronald had nothing to do with this issue, however he wholeheartedly supported us everytime we visited like family members.

I will strongly recommend to approach Mr. Ronald for any kind of investment requirement if you want to work with:

1. Honest and transparent consultant, who do not take kickbacks from sellers, like most of Agents do there.
2. In depth knowledge and Accurate Information of current market scenarios and future prospects.
3. Excellent pre and post sale support and assistance.
4. A bestfriend who will support you like family member.

It was indeed a pleasure working with Mr. Ronald. If any of you need to know more about my experience about working with Mr.Ronald, you can mail me.


Gordon Macdonald

Excellent prompt service. Provided detailed prompt reply to our request, extremely knowledge of the information requested in desired areas.


Luis Sobral

Ronald and his team are the right people to work with. They are extremely professional and very honest, always a win win deal.


Luke Janssen

I worked with Ronald for over 2 years looking for a place. I am sure most other folks would have ditched me long ago for not making a decision on anything!.. . but Ronald stuck with me and showed me a nice property where the sale fell through and I got a really nice deal.

Thank you sir! now I owe you a beer!


Jorge Rodrigues

I highlight the professionalism and seriousness of Mr. Ronald Wayne.


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