Organic Farm for Sale



Mirandela Organic Farm

Mirandela, Tras-os-Montes, Portugal


100 hectares organic farm for sale

400 sq. m. two-storey main house with garage

Office building

Farm worker’s house.


Property Description


Organic Farm in Mirandela

Mirandela, Tras-os-Montes, Portugal


100 hectares

400 sq. m. two-storey main house with garage

Office building

Farm worker’s house


An agricultural, crop-based, organic farm located near Mirandela, a city in the historic region of Tras-os-Montes in north eastern Portugal which features vast plateaus, river valleys, mountains and castles.

Almonds, figs and truffles have gradually been planted, all based on organic and sustainable agricultural practices.


Organic Almond Plantation

Almond plantations were established in 2016 consisting of Laurane (predominant variety), Guara, Ferranhez and Marinada.

Production in 2020, reached 7 tons, however in the next year or two, production is expected to reach a minimum of 220 – 250 tons of almonds per annum.


Organic Fig Plantation

In 2016, south of the almond plantation, 4,250 trees consisting of 2 varieties of figs, were planted over 10 hectares of land. Crop yield next year is expected to be 16 tons. The plan is to process and dry the figs, acclaimed as better quality than those exported from Turkey, before distribution and export.


Organic Truffle Plantation

The first black truffle plantation in Portugal was planted using a process called mycorrhization where fungi are used to form a symbiotic relationship with green trees in order to produce truffles. As such, it is the only farm in Portugal producing micro-organic truffles.

Based on normal growing patterns, these truffles will be ready to harvest in 2 years.


Irrigation System

Drip irrigation that irrigates an area of 65 hectares and micro-sprinkler irrigation equipment that covers 5 hectares of mycorrhized hazelnut trees to produce truffles.

The entire system is fed by different sources of water on the property. These include: wells alongside the plantations, an artesian well (4m deep), and connections to a dam (Vale Madeiro) which has over 1 million litres of capacity.

There are 3 additional wells, each 180 – 200 metres deep, on the farm.

The entire system is completely automated by crop sector and can be easily accessed in person or by internet anywhere in the world to allow for changes to watering schedules.

A fertigation system has been implemented so fertilization can be done through the water.


Farm Operation and Subsidies

The farm is a certified organic producer adhering to all rules and regulations required by the EU. The farm property is approximately 100 hectares or 247 acres.

The entire property is fenced and does not suffer from leaching from nearby lands and since its inception, has never used any kind of pesticides.

Due to the farm’s compliance with EU regulations in Portugal, as an organic certified producer, it is due to receive a subsidy of approximately 33,000 Euros per year starting in 2021.

The farm employs 5 permanent workers including a certified engineer. All the required equipment to work the land, i.e. tractors, loaders, trucks, etc. is on site.


Distribution Agreements

The current owner has distribution association agreements in place to sell product direct to the consumer. These distribution agreement may also be purchased at an additional cost to the estate.


Real Estate

The 3 structures on the property consist of a large two storey main house, a medium size office building and a farm worker’s house. The main house is approximately 400 square metres with a garage and other facilities available.

The designs, materials and finishes used in the renovation are contemporary, of high quality and energy efficient. The buildings incorporate all modern conveniences including heating, cooling, cable, internet, etc.

Leading up to the main home situated on a hill, is a 1.2 kilometre cobble-stone road lined with approximately 270 cypress trees. At night, the trees are illuminated with over 125 lights creating a spectacular landmark over the surrounding area.

Due to the striking, unique location, spectacular views and high quality of the buildings, there is great tourism potential to lease this property as an entertainment venue for weddings, business conferences, tourist events or as a vacation rental property.



The main activity of the farm is agriculture and crops, with over 80% of the land already planted.

Some distribution agreements are already in place, with further plans to distribute the product nationally and internationally.

There is huge potential to develop a thriving tourism/entertainment venue, perfect for weddings, business conferences, vacation rentals and tours, as the property is zoned for agriculture, tourism and retail.

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