4ha Melides Lagoon


4ha Melides Lagoon and Beach
Melides Lagoon, Alentejo Coast, 7570, Portugal.
Land Area 4 Hectares.
Construction Area 400 sq. m.
One of the Best Locations on the Lagoon.

Property Description


4ha Melides Beach

Melides Lagoon, Alentejo Coast, 7570, Portugal.
Land Area 4 hectares on Melides Lagoon.
Construction Area 400 sq. m.

4ha Melides, Alentejo

Situated in the middle of Melides Lagoon and a short distance to the beautiful beaches in Melides, Portugal.

An existing ruin with outline planning permission to reconstruct the building for a 400 sq. m. family home.

You could also knock-down the existing building a build a luxury new home from scratch with some of the best paddy field views in the area.

One of the last opportunities within the lagoon to build something really special.

Unique and almost priceless.

Asking Price €3m

Melides, Portugal is small town in the district of Grandola which covers an area of 162 km2, and boasts approximately 2,000 inhabitants. Melides offers countryside settings, a number of ocean views from the hillside, and deserted beaches.

The small village of Melides, has a lively town centre, a Catholic Church, cafes and a couple of decent restaurants, although our favourite is still the very affordable “O Fadista” which is located in the centre of the town, near to the church.

Christian Louboutin is currently building a boutique hotel and restaurant in the centre of town which should open in 2022.
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