Why Melides is the Perfect Escape


Melides, the Perfect Escape


Why Melides is the Perfect Escape. Portugal’s Alentejo region encompasses 90 miles of coastline and includes the charming village of Melides. It is a popular tourist destination and there are many reasons to seek Melides, Portugal, property for sale. This resort town affords not just great amenities and comfortable homes, but also luxury properties.

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin has a secluded compound of bungalows just outside of Melides and is opening a 21-room boutique hotel in the center of the village. It will feature a restaurant and aboriginal artwork. Many other high-profile homeowners reside in the area as well, including Philippe Starck and Countess Noemi Marone Cinzano, but you too can find prime real estate here with the help of Living Portugal Property.

You might want to consider Portugal luxury real estate here for:


The Beach

Melides Beach is the longest in Portugal and frequented by surfers, bodyboarders, and paragliders. There are multiple access points to this stretch of beach including the one at Aberta Nova Beach in Melides where you must navigate a sandstone cliff with help of a set of stairs that is built right into the cliffside. The beach is uncrowded with a noticeable lack of development.


The Lagoon

A protected lagoon flows towards the beach through meadows, pine forests, and rice paddies. The natural environment is perfect for birds, and thus a bird observatory has been built. You can reach the lagoon from the south by road, north by track, or ride it on a stand-up paddleboard.


Melides Village

Melides is laid back. Its residents play cards for hours in the town square and mingle with visitors. There are a handful of restaurants plus a church, post office, newsstand, stores, and a supermarket. You won’t find any hotels here, which adds to the charm, but there are many Melides bungalows and short-term rental homes.



The village of Comporta is just a few miles up the road. It has many eateries and boutique hotels as well as nightlife. The luxury vibe is highlighted by outdoor bars, houseware stores, and art galleries. Comporta Beach, at the edge of the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, has beach chairs and a 500-meter wooden platform over the sea.


Great Local Food

Melides, Portugal, is known for its high-quality food and service. Whether you order succulent steak from the butcher in the center of Comporta, seafood at an oceanside grill, or traditional Portuguese cuisine at a local restaurant, you will always find a delicious meal.


Amazing Views

Great views are everywhere you go, from the tall cliffs overlooking the beach to a starlit night sky unspoiled by city lights. Miles of sandy trails afford a look at wildflowers and birds, while umbrella pines form a canopy of green. No wonder the area is frequented by nature lovers and painters.



Melides is an hour-and-a-half drive from Lisbon, but is perfectly situated for taking day trips through the Alentejo region. Buying a home here allows you to explore unspoiled landscapes, natural preserves, farms, sunsets, and historic villages.


Affordable Properties

You can find Portugal beach property for sale at reasonable prices, and purchasing a home here is more affordable than you might think, thanks to fixed tax rates and other benefits. We have bungalows, townhouses, and beach houses with sea views. From here, you can enjoy the best of Melides and the Alentejo region.


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