Why You Should Buy Property in Portugal


Reasons for Buying

There are many different reasons for buying property in Portugal today. There are those that are looking for a home to live in and raise their families, those who are looking for a vacation or retirement home in the sun that they can use when the weather is wintry at home and there are those that are interested in buying investment property that they will sell to the first two groups at a profit.


The Investment Buyer

What type of home they are going to buy. Typically the investment buyer will be looking for property in Portugal that they can use a rental property that will stay occupied for as much of the year as possible and provide them with a significant year round income. These properties are going to be located in or close to the major resort towns where tourists want to spend their time.


Near the Beach

The best units are those that are located as close to the beaches as possible as these are going to be the ones with the highest occupancy ratings. Holiday rental homes should be located in areas where there is plenty of local ground transportation as many tourists do not bring their own cars with them. The investor may also want to take into account the needs of elderly or handicapped persons as there is a very large percentage of them that prefer to take their vacations in this area of Europe.



The investor who ensures that his rental property in Portugal is suited to these demographics is all but assured of steady occupancy. For the family that is looking for a new home, several other factors come into play that can significantly affect their buying decision regarding property in Portugal. If they have children, the choice must include access to quality schools and if they are from abroad these schools must be capable of catering to international students. Many of the international schools teach a syllabus that is based on those approved by Cambridge or Oxford and all classes are conducted in English. This is largely due to the exceptionally high number of British Expats living in Portugal.


Your Realtor

Any realtor who is selling property in Portugal should be able to answer questions regarding schools, banks and shopping as well as local custom. They should also be able to help you with taxes and deed transfers to make sure that you entire buying experience is as smooth as possible. You may even find that many of these realtors offer property management services if you are investing in rental properties.


Living Portugal Property

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