What to Eat in “Europe’s Best-Kept Secret”


What to Eat

What to Eat in “Europe’s Best-Kept Secret.” There are many reasons to consider Portugal real estate in the Comporta area, and its exceptional food is one of them. The delicacies are rarely duplicated in quality, as ingredients are sourced from agriculture in the Alentejo region, whether you have pork, seafood, soup, or pastries. Selecting from a Portuguese food menu can be a challenge, but here’s some of the most popular food in Portugal to help you decide.


Region-Specific Dishes

When you’re in Comporta, Melides, or anywhere in the Alentejo region, don’t miss out on:

Acorn-fattened black Iberian pig: Known as porco preto, or its Spanish name pata negra, the pig’s flavor is rather nutty, thanks to its acorn diet. The same taste can be obtained from pork shoulder, known as plumas or secretos in Portuguese.

Seafood bread stew: Açorda de Marisco is a country bread-based stew in which the bread is simmered in olive oil and garlic. Although the recipes may vary, it often has cilantro and eggs and an assortment of shellfish.

National boiled dinner: Served as a boiled pot of beef or chicken, sausage, cabbage, carrots, turnips, and potatoes for the whole family, this dish varies by region. In Alentejo, lamb and pumpkin are traditionally included; on Madeira, you’ll find sweet potatoes.

Pork and clams: Carne de Porco Alentejana is a surf and turf that’s one of Portugal’s most distinct dishes. The meat is marinated overnight and then fried with clams on top; their juices mix with the sauce to create a savory flavor. The dish is topped with cilantro, as many Alentejo dishes are.

Açorda: Day-old bread is mixed with garlic, poached eggs, vinegar, olive oil, and coriander. Açorda can be customized in almost any way. Inland, it often has wild game, while on the coast, shrimp and other seafood are common.



Portugal’s capital is just a short drive away. Here, gourmet chefs have taken on the city’s restaurant scene. From egg custard tarts (Pastel de Nata) and Portuguese coffee to sardines, to a variety of sausages and a wide array of seafood dishes crafted by the city’s top chefs, there’s virtually no limit to what you can taste or indulge in.


Other Delicacies

Without a doubt, buying a home in Portugal means plenty of opportunities to try cod. There are literally hundreds of recipes. One is Bacalhau, served with scrambled eggs, olives, and fries or as fish cakes or barbequed. It can be boiled with cabbage and carrots or oven-baked as well. Octopus is served throughout the country in many forms and, as any Portugal travel guide will tell you, the country is known for its abundance of wine, including fruity whites and full-bodied reds you’ll find in Alentejo and other regions. Sampling the exotic food in Portugal and exploring the Alentejo region is the first step.


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