What Home Improvements Add the Most Value to Your Portugal Home?


What Home Improvements Add Value?

There are different and creative things you can do to add value to your Portugal home. Whether you are looking to list your property for sale in Portugal or are considering a vacation rental for extra income, take the time to consider what home improvements add the most value to your home by using these tips provided by our real estate agents in Portugal.


Declutter the Home

Go through and remove excess furniture pieces to open rooms up to make them feel more inviting and seem larger. You should also clean out closets and cupboards and get rid of anything you no longer need or want to free up additional storage space.


Add a Fresh Splash of Colour

Paint the walls a new trendy colour or add accents to crown moldings and other trim pieces to give the rooms in your home a new look.


Install New Flooring

Most homes in Portugal are not carpeted but have some type of tile or hardwood flooring. Even with these types of easy-to-maintain flooring options, they still can be updated and refreshed to add value to your home.


Get New Rugs

If your flooring is in great shape, another option is to get new rugs and place them in various areas of the home. Rugs are the perfect way to add colour to rooms, which can break up the monotony of the flooring. For the best rugs in Portugal, visit the town of Arraiolos, where rugs are handmade using traditional methods.


Add a Private Garden

A private garden next to the pool or in the outdoor interior area of the home is a great place to relax. You can plant colourful flowers or grow your own herbs and vegetables. A small garden with a sitting area, water fountain, or fishpond are some other touches you can include.


Room Conversions

A loft above the garage, could be converted into an extra bedroom or small apartment for lease. Enclosing an outdoor patio could allow you to extend the living room or dining room to make it bigger. You could even convert rooms when you want a larger dining room and a smaller living room or vice versa.


Add a Bathroom or Two

Depending on the size of home, having one or more bathrooms is a great investment that pays off should you ever sell. You could convert a closet into a half-bath or expand a half-bath into a full-bath by using closet space.


Don’t Forget the Curb Appeal

Paint the front door and window trim a new color to give your home a new look. You could even paint the home a new colour. You can also plant local trees and plants to enhance your landscaping and make it more attractive.


Obtain Renovation Permissions

Even if you don’t plan on renovating your home, securing the necessary permissions can add value to your property. Having these permissions lets interested buyers know they can remodel the property and truly make it their own.


Consult with a Real Estate Agent in Portugal

Real estate agents in Portugal know what types of improvements can bring the most value to your home. They also know the latest trends potential buyers are shopping for in their dream home in Portugal. For further tips to add value to your home or information about listing your property for sale in Portugal, please feel free to contact Living Portugal Property, today!

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