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Waterfront Properties

Living in Portugal comes with many perks including beautiful homes, a robust real estate market, and spectacular water views. If you are looking for beachfront property for sale in Comporta, Melides, or anywhere along the Alentejo Coast or in Lisbon, waterfront homes are in high demand. That means you shouldn’t have a problem renting it out or finding a buyer later; that’s if you’re not using the property for yourself.


Owning Waterfront Property in Portugal:

Value: The high demand and limited supply mean waterfront properties rarely depreciate in value. After many years, it will still be worth something, regardless of the housing market. According to a real estate professional familiar with the local market, in 2018, luxury market prices in Portugal were rising 10% a year.1

Savings: Few think of investing in a waterfront home as cost-saving, but then you don’t need to travel to enjoy swimming, boating, or diving. Your favorite hobbies are close by and there are no beach club fees. If you own a boat and have a dock, you don’t pay storage charges either.

Community: Waterfront communities are generally social, with many types of events and celebrations that highlight the vacation-like lifestyle. Parents often choose waterfront homes because they are great for raising children.

Health: Living by the water is an escape from the pollution of major cities. The fresh sea air helps you sleep, absorb more oxygen, and balance stress hormones. Sunlight contributes to feeling relaxed and is a source of vitamin D, while seawater can be highly therapeutic.



How To Get in on Portugal Waterfront Real Estate?

If owning Portugal luxury real estate seems right, you can find waterfront properties for sale with less hassle by working with a realtor familiar with this niche. Some waterfront properties may seem like a great deal. An experienced agent will spot a deal that’s too good to be true and help find homes that suit your lifestyle and budget. Also:

Focus on the property: It might not be the best house, but it can be updated later. Prioritize amenities such as water quality, swimming opportunities, and local activities.

Assess the structure: Weather extremes by the water take a toll on homes; make sure the house has storm shutters and is protected by materials that resist corrosion.

Do your homework on mortgage loans: Start early, even before you see any properties. Waterfront homes are typically more expensive; loan terms are often longer and lending qualifications stricter.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/06/realestate/house-hunting-portugal.html


There are many things to know, but you can find great Portuguese beach homes for sale plus guidance from a real estate professional. At Living Portugal Property, we offer tips and suggestions, not to mention listings of some of the most exclusive homes in the region. If you’re interested in vacation homes, villas, apartments, or waterfront bungalows for sale in Portugal, we’re here to help.

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