Troia to Melides, Seven Days, Six Beaches, and a Pool


Troia to Melides

Seven Days, Six Beaches, and a Pool


People always tell me that I am lucky because I live in a paradise and they are absolutely right, I live in Comporta and for sure, it is really a paradise.

Last year during a week, we chose a different beach every day and were delighted to experience the feeling of a beach extension which ran for more than 50km, where the landscape changes so vividly that you could have travelled for a thousand miles.


Six Beaches



Monday, we started in Troia, just at the beginning of this beautiful peninsula, where the Sado River meets the Atlantic Ocean, with no fuzz, in the most amazing smooth way.

The sea is flat, clear and you face the Arrabida mountain, a nature reserve on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Most of the days the resident river dolphins cross the sea on the way to Melides and it is not rare that you able to get a free show of these amazing creatures jumping and playing as if they complement the sunbathers.


Troia Beach



Tuesday, we had to stop in Comporta beach. The environment is different here and not just because the sea has a few waves but because you can appreciate the local gastronomic delights of the beach restaurants.

Fresh juices, seafood and shellfish are most appreciated and guaranteed to be one of the best in the world.

We recommend trying a variety of dishes made with the local rice and after, relax under one of the big umbrellas by the sea.

The sunset is famous for its indescribable colours and most of the days a DJ plays a few hits.



Wednesday, Pego beach was our goal. That is the place to go if you like to socialise.

The spot is lovely, the beach bar, considered the best one in the world, with everything in the right place, uncomplicated but yummy meals, perfect decoration, and efficient and emphatic staff.

Some days at lunch time, you can be side by side with some world-famous art, cinema, or fashion figures.

The atmosphere does not change because of this, on contrary it seems they belong to this scenery.



Thursday, we wanted to stay on our own, so Pinheirinho was the right choice.

No beach bars and the walk from the car park to the beach puts-off the crowds.

The scenery is one of the most beautiful you can imagine, the big red, orange and rose dune sand formations and the strong waves make this spot so special.

Carry your own food and drinks and enjoy a picnic between one dive and one nice nap in this quite paradise.


Sunset Comporta


Gale Beach

Friday, we drove to Gale Beach. We parked the car, walked a few meters and suddenly we arrive to this high set of wooden stairs with the most amazing view you can imagine.

It is just forty or fifty steps from the top to the sea, but you can appreciate the view from every single step.

Again, no beach bar or anything that nature has not drawn. Pure nature and wild sea all around you.

There is a camp site next to the beach and by night you may see a thousand galaxies.



Saturday, we went to Melides. The lagoon divides the beach in two, on the left a busy and mixed crowd of locals and tourists make the rules.

We rush to the right-hand-side, drove a few kilometres on a sandy road and then walked across the dunes, a good strategy if you want to keep the crowds away.

Oh!!! But it feels nice, no one in the horizon, no bars, no umbrellas, just all this coast for us, strolling to Sines

At the end of the day, we stop in the village, probably the most genuine so far. We had a nice snack in the restaurant by the church and left with the feeling that we still can have it for us, all this sea and sky.


Troia to Melides via Beach


And a Pool

Sunday we could have gone to Aberta Nova beach, Raposa beach or a few more you can find in this lovely coastal strip, but we decided to stay at the pool.

Do you know why? Because every single pool in Comporta has a different view which includes the sea, the rice fields, river or just a slice of genuine nature.

And that is why people are right, I am lucky, I live in Comporta, I live in Paradise.


Written by Carla Cao

2nd April 2021

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