The Comporta Polo Club

Comporta, Portugal, is popular among people who seek vacation homes near the ocean and a laid-back village with its diverse shops, restaurants, and cafes. And now Comporta is poised to become a polo hub with the construction of the Comporta Polo Club. Building applications have been sent in and authorities appear to be eager to quickly process and approve them. Set to open in October, it will be yet another reason to seek Comporta real estate; as early as this fall, it may host its first international polo tournament.

The project involves polo architect Alejandro Battro, who believes the climate, geography, and proximity to beaches makes the polo club’s location ideal. Battro has helped overcome the challenges of building on sandy soil, using specialized construction techniques and drawing on his experience building 800 polo fields in the past 40 years. Andrés Sterling, also renowned for building polo fields, is leading the designing and planning process and supervising construction. Builders and visionaries Stefan Maria Gast and Ricardo Bellino are involved in the project as well.1

The Project

The Comporta Polo Club will feature two full-size pitches as well as three stick and ball fields in its first phase. A boutique hotel is expected to open on the 220-hectare (about 544-acre) site in Spring 2021 and will include 35 suites in addition to private residences. Over the next four years, a 150-room resort hotel, apartment complex, university, and boarding school will be built. The builders hope to make the club a center for polo education, as the university will feature a state-of-the-art sports academy.2

An event and performance hall will be built on site. With a capacity for 5,000 spectators, it will host conferences, theater events, and concerts. Comporta Polo Club will therefore bring more people to the region and make the club more than a place for polo competitions, spectators, and education.

Great News for Vacation Home Buyers

For those considering buying real estate in Portugal, The Comporta Polo Club offers unique opportunities. It is sure to add to the cultural dimensions of the area, bringing in new residents and guests who can enjoy polo games, horse riding, and other activities. Local seasonal activities include fishing, diving, sailing, cycling, birding, and golfing.

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