Opportunities to Move to Portugal


Move to Portugal

If you have the opportunity to move to Portugal, I wouldn’t look twice, as Portugal is a great place to live, work, and retire.

Of course, when anyone is moving to a new destination, there will be pros and cons to every place, so you need to consider what matters to you the most and what exactly you are looking to get out of this experience.


The biggest reason people move to Portugal is that the people are very friendly and are good at welcoming newcomers.

Even though there might be a language barrier, don’t be alarmed if your neighbors bring over some homegrown vegetables or a bottle of wine and want to converse and get to know you. It’s all about community and creating a positive relationship with the people around you.


One con that might take some time getting used to is the pace of life. Depending on whether or not you are moving from North America or another fast-paced destination in the world, you might find it hard to get used to the slow pace of life.

This just means that you can relax more and not rush through life. It’s not necessarily a con that you should relax more and be less pressured on a daily basis.


Depending on whether you are a retiree looking to move to Portugal and not work or you are a working individual who wants to move here and find a job, the process and opportunities differ slightly.


Working in Portugal

The job market is Portugal is rather slow at the moment, depending on which field of work you want to enter. If you are working in the IT sector, tourism, health, agricultural, or the call center sector, Portugal wants you more than other professionals.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own business in Portugal and contribute to its economy, this is a really good sign.

Employees who reside and work in Portugal work 40-hour workweeks, which is the same almost all around the world.


Benefits of Living and Working in Portugal

The benefit of living and working in Portugal is the stress-free lifestyle. It is not hard to move to Portugal if you are coming from a country in the EU. You do not need a work permit to work here; you just need to figure out whether you want to stay here for longer than six months.

If you do, you will need to file for your residency card.

If you are a non-EU resident, you will need to apply for a work visa.

You will need to determine whether you are applying for a short-term visa (three months) or an extended visa. An easy way to get your foot in the door is by working for a multinational company that can help you deal with the paperwork.


Do not hesitate to contact me to learn about the wonderful opportunities for moving to Portugal. I will provide you with as much information as you need in order to make your move successful and find you the right accommodation in the right location of your choice.


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