Making your New Home in Portugal


Making your Home in Portugal

Closing your real estate transaction and making your home in Portugal is a fantastic feeling, however a wonderful part of this procedure can be found when it comes to moving into your new home.

Drawing from personal experience, I know there are lots of ways to help make your household move easier and smoother.


Make a list

Before you pack even one box, set up a simple record keeping system. Then place a number on each and every box you pack and include its contents on your list beside the appropriate number.

Make sure to be specific when describing the boxes contents. “X-Z files” is better than “files”, and “Plastic ware” is better than “misc. kitchen” Packing time can be a great incentive to cut down on your belongings.

Separate items you aren’t sure about into three groups; throw away, keep, give to charity (or sell, if you’re into garage sales).


Obtain plenty of supplies.

When you think you have enough, get more, as you will need more supplies and boxes than you think you, and you can always return unused supplies once the truck is loaded up.

Don’t forget the plastic packing tape and either newsprint, packing paper or bubble wrap.


Use wardrobe boxes.

Not only are these boxes great for clothes that need to remain hanging, but they are ideal for bulky, lightweight items (comforters, pillows, blankets, etc.).

Just remember to keep these boxes light enough to carry to keep you safe.


Colour Coordinate.

Designate a colour for each room in the new home. Then put coloured stickers on the box that belongs in the appropriately coloured room. Don’t forget to put a matching sticker on the door of each room as well.


Pack ahead

Pack up anything you don’t need for the last few days/weeks you are in your house. Pare everything down to “must-haves,” which will save you valuable time on moving day.


Use your luggage

Clothing, sheets, towels and paper goods are just the thing to pack into your duffle bags and luggage.


Don’t forget

Keep the items you will need for your first day/night once you have moved. Include bedding, shower curtain and other things you will need before you can get unpacked.

Moving is certainly not the most fun you can have, but good planning definitely helps make the process bearable.


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