Luxury Homes: Inspiring Grand Design vs. Traditional Portuguese Architecture


Luxury Home Designs vs. Traditional Portuguese Architecture

Buying real estate in Portugal opens the opportunity for home renovations. You can find country homes, cottages, beach villas, and other properties that need a modern update at a great price. You could even opt for building a house in Portugal since there are plenty of property development opportunities. Whether you are looking for a Portugal property investment or a new summer vacation home, it is easy to find a wide range of potential homes you can renovate and remodel. After buying your new luxury home in Portugal, it can be tempting to get to work right away with your renovation.

Yet, you need to take a moment and consider if you want to go for a grand design or stick with more traditional Portuguese architecture. There is something to be said about tradition and how it can make the home feel warm and inviting. On the other hand, gorgeous grand designs in the latest trends can make the property stand out for all the right reasons. To help you decide what is best for your new luxury home, ask yourself the following questions:


Do you want to retain any of the original features in the home?

The home could have some stunning architectural features that would be a shame to remove. You could retain these while giving them a fresh and modern update.


How much work does the home require?

If the home is going to need a lot of work to get it into shape, now is the perfect time to think about modern amenities like updating electrical wiring, plumbing, installing wireless access points, and so on. Adding these things during your renovation will pay off later and could boost the value of the home.


Do you want to keep a traditional exterior with a grand interior design?

Some people want to ensure their new luxury home retains its traditional exterior features to maintain its “Portugal” influences. However, when you step inside, things are entirely different. You will notice design elements from the U.K., Spain, France, the U.S., or other such places.


Could some basic updates be all that your home needs?

modern villas on sunny day, Empty street on hot summer day

Sometimes it may appear like the home needs major renovations, yet, upon closer inspection, repainting the walls a trendy new color, installing new flooring, and replacing light fixtures could give your luxury home the grand design you want.


What renovations does the exterior need?

Don’t forget about the exterior of the home during its renovation. You may want to replace the front door, install new windows, add sliding doors off the kitchen to the patio, add an outdoor kitchen and covered patio, and so on. You will also want to consider various landscaping features like a garden, water fountain, privacy fencing, etc.

In the end, you must decide whether you want a luxury home that has a modern grand design, one that sticks with traditional Portuguese architecture, or one that balances the two styles.

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