Luxury Home Design Trends Popular with Luxury Home Buyers


Trends for your Luxury Home in Comporta

Whether you are selling or buying a luxury home in Comporta, you need to stay on top of the current luxury home design trends. These trends will influence the number of potential buyers you attract if you ever decide to sell your luxury home.

Conversely, if you are a buyer, you will want to make sure your luxury home in Comporta incorporates stylish future house design. Otherwise, you may find that you are having to renovate and remodel to bring the home up to current luxury home design trends.


Eco-Friendly Features for Exceptional Exteriors

Eco-friendly designs are growing in popularity and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Look for ways to make landscaping and the home’s exterior to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Home Design Trends

Rainwater Collection Systems:
These systems collect rainwater that can be used for bathing, laundry, washing dishes, watering plants, and more.

Solar Panels:
Installing solar panels on the roof of the home provides an alternative energy source to lower energy bills. In some areas, the excess power you generate can be sold to the local utility company.

Natural Fencing:
Instead of wood or metal fencing, plant bamboo, shrubs, and other vegetation to create privacy.

Coloured Pebbled Yards:
In areas where drought is common, people are getting rid of grass lawns. One viable landscaping option for your luxury home in Comporta is replacing the grass with coloured pebbles.

Coloured Rubber Mulch:
Instead of using wood mulch around trees, shrubs, and other greenery, colored rubber mulch is stylish.

Synthetic Lawns:
Another popular option to reduce water usage and the costs associated with maintaining a pristine yard is to have it replaced with a synthetic lawn. Artificial grass gives the appearance of natural grass and remains green year-round.

Solar Powered Heated Pools and Hot Tubs:
To help offset the costs of heating pools and hot tubs, luxury home exterior designs are incorporating solar power to heat the water.

Solar Powered Exterior Lighting:
Another use for solar power is running exterior lighting around the home. Most people have the lights wired so they use solar power first, and then switch to electricity if necessary.


Styling Features for Exceptional Exteriors

People like spending more time outdoors, especially when they own a luxury home in Comporta. The mild winters and warm summers make it enjoyable to be outside even in January in most areas of the country.

This is why luxury home buyers look for homes with fully equipped outdoor kitchens, in-ground heated swimming pools, Jacuzzi hot tubs, pool houses, and outdoor dining areas. Equally popular and trendy are stylish fire tables and fire pits.

Technology is making advances in outdoor spaces,, which can add more value to your luxury home in Comporta and attract even more buyers, such as:


Outdoor Wide-Screen TVs/Projectors
High-Tech Surround Sound Systems
Wireless Internet Connectivity
Covered patios with removable or sliding patio walls


These patios provide cover from direct sunlight and rain. The removable or sliding patio walls help keep inclement weather out while still allowing being able to enjoy and use the patio. On sunny days, the walls can be removed or slid out of the way to allow fresh breezes to flow through.


Eco-Friendly Styling for Exceptional Interiors

Eco-friendly interior house redesign is something luxury homeowners should do before listing their home for sale. Add some greenery like bamboo and other easy-to-care-for house plants in various rooms of the home. Incorporate smart technologies like smart LED lighting and smart thermostats that help reduce energy consumption.


Eco-Friendly Upgrades

Tankless Water Heaters
Water-Conserving Rainfall Showerheads
Fixtures for Water-Conserving
Water-Conserving Appliances
Adding More Insulation
Insulated Windows
New Heating and Cooling System

Each of these upgrades is designed to help save water and cut energy costs to make your luxury home in Comporta more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.


Technology Features for Exceptional Interiors

Technology is a big part of future house design plans. Smart homes are very popular with luxury home buyers. They like having an automated home where they can control numerous house functions from an app on their smartphones. Some smart home technology you will want in your luxury home whether you are buying or selling include:


Personal Assistant Devices:
Some type of personal assistant is a must-have for the smart home of the future. Instead of having to use the app on your smartphone, you can just ask Alexia, Siri, or Google Assistant to turn on lights, set the security alarm, or order groceries to restock your refrigerator.

Wireless Smart LED Lighting:
Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED lighting allows you not only to turn lights on and off but also adjust the brightness of individual bulbs. You can also create schedules to control when lights turn on and off. Some smart LED bulbs can even change colors to help set the ambiance and mood of the room.

Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Thermostat:
A smart thermostat makes it easy to turn on the heat or air conditioning without having to get up. You can create heating and cooling schedules as well.


Smart Options

Smart Refrigerator:
No luxury home would be complete without a smart refrigerator. This technology allows you to interact with the refrigerator to create an inventory of foods and beverages you stock. When you run out, you can tell the refrigerator to simply add the item to your grocery list. Some smart refrigerators include touchscreen displays where you can watch TV, or recipe videos.

Smart Stove:
Smart stoves are one of the newest smart home advances. These stoves include refrigeration to keep food cool until you are ready for the stove to turn on and start baking. You can also use verbal commands to set the temperature, stove cycle (bake, broil, etc.), and to set a timer. You can even program the stove for multi-stage cycles, as when you want to bake something for an hour and then have the broiler turn on for five minutes to brown the top.

Smart Window Treatments:
Smart window treatments. These treatments are installed between two window panes. You simply use your personal assistant or smartphone app to open and close the windows treatments.

Smart HD TVs:
Smart HD TVs were one of the first smart devices. Since their release, technology has improved drastically for the better. You can find Smart TVs today that will display pictures when they are turned off, so they look like works of art when hung on a wall, which is very stylish in luxury homes.

Smart Home Security Systems:
Luxury homeowners do like to have a sense of safety and security in their homes. Smart home security systems are another must-have feature that buyers look for when viewing luxury homes. These types of security systems allow you to turn the system on or off, set specific zones, monitor security cameras, and more.



Other Styling Features for Interiors

Other styling features luxury home buyers want in their new home are;


Spacious, Open Floor Plans:
A grand entrance that connects to an expansive room is highly sought in luxury homes.

Large Kitchens with Warming Drawers:
Whether your staff members or you are doing the cooking, you want a commercial-grade kitchen that has warming drawers, wine coolers, high-quality appliances, large pantries, and large islands.

Wine Cellars:
No luxury home in Portugal would be complete without its own wine cellar stocked with Portugal’s famous wines.

Game Rooms:
For families and those who like to entertain, having a game room is a must-have feature. Game rooms can include any type of setup, ranging from video game systems and pool tables to poker tables.

Theater Rooms:
A state-of-the-art theater is perfect for watching movies, television programs, sporting events, and concerts.

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms:
People want to be able to have spa-like experiences in their luxury home in Comporta, with spa-inspired bathrooms having heated floors, large soaking tubs, spacious walk-in showers, steam rooms, and more.

Exercise/Fitness Rooms:
People are more health-conscious today and want to stay fit by having access to exercise and modern fitness equipment in their own dedicated space in their luxury home.

Dressing Rooms/Walk-In Closets:
Another must-have for luxury homes, dressing rooms and walk-in closets provide proper space for storing clothing and getting dressed.

Spacious Master Bathroom:
Every luxury home needs at least one spacious master bathroom with radiant heated flooring, heated toilet seat, soaking tub, walk-in shower, two vanity sinks, and other upscale features.


Prime Location

From beach-front properties to remote country settings and vineyards, people want their luxury home in a prime location that suits their needs and sense of style.

Multiple Choices

There are many modern, eco-friendly, and stylish features home buyers desire when buying a luxury home in Comporta, which luxury home sellers need to be aware of.

For help buying or selling a luxury home in Comporta, contact Living Portugal Property. We can help you find the perfect luxury beach house, sea-view villa, country estate, or other luxury property in Comporta.

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