Finding Your Perfect Home in Portugal


Your Perfect Home in Portugal

Two decades ago, (2000) the Portuguese houseing market boomed with many new home in Portugal developments completed in order to cater to the housing needs of the younger generations who were moving to the larger cities to find work. Since these developments alleviated the supply demands, prices rose steadily until the financial crash and downturn between 2008 and 2012.

Since then and largely due to the influx of foreign buyers, house sales in the bustling capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, along with several other urban cities, have boomed, as many foreigners have taken advantage of the favourable tax and resident regimes on offer.



Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a thriving and exciting city which provides good work prospects, security and charm. The architecture of the town has a definite old-world European flair, with many of the typical Portuguese houses in the city offering unusual and unique designs that allow for the natural views over the city and to the river Tejo to be enjoyed. Lisbon has many outdoor parks, beaches and mountains and a lot of the older buildings are still standing today, and this only enhances the overall charm of the city.

Portugal joined the European Community (now the European Union) in1986, and soon after, the country experienced good economic growth.


Foreign Investment

Many foreign buyers are looking for investment homes in Portugal. Our services are geared to meet the needs of the both the local and foreign house buyer in Portugal. The Living Portugal Property website will give online house buyers the chance to access the best online resources.

Our property services can also serve those looking to sell their existing home in Portugal, too. Many of our houses are found in several areas of Portugal, such as in the areas of Comporta, Carvalhal, Muda and Melides.

When browsing the Living Portugal Property website, www.livingportugalproperty.com the current house owner will find several tips and hints that will make their house in Portugal more appealing to buyers.


Common Mistakes

When it comes to buying a house in Portugal, we have listed the common mistakes made by over-zealous buyers;


Paying too much for the house.

Losing the perfect house in Portugal to another buyer.

Buying the wrong home.

Rushing into the decision and buying the first house they find.

Make certain that the right house in Portugal is chosen, by determining your exact needs.


Such factors that must be taken into account before purchasing, include;

Distance from work.

The cost of any building work that may need to be done on the house.

Distance from school.


Expert Guidance

Use the expert guidance of Living Portugal Property. Our valuable property buying service will allow you to find the right home in Portugal, on time and within budget, when you invest in Portugal.

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