Dream House Troia Portugal


“My dream house…

My Dream House Troia Portugal

I usually build houses to sell. This construction was different. It was built for me. So it has everything that I consider to be luxurious.


Comfort. Practice. Lighting. Safety.

I usually go to Troia on Fridays, so on Thursday night, still in Lisbon, I connect the radiant floor via the TV. So, when I arrive, although the floor of the whole house is made of stone, I can always walk barefoot in comfort.

I don’t even need to turn on the air conditioning as the air conditioning is for hot summer nights.

When the weather starts to get warmer, I also turn on the heating of the pool. After all, no one deserves goosebumps when it’s time to take a dip.

As of July, I don’t need to turn on the pool’s heat pump, as the screen that covers the automatic pool works like a magnifying glass, that is, when it is in place, it heats up the pool by itself. And at night it keeps that heat.

Everything is automatic. Effort is outside the home, like those beautiful beach walks along the Troia Peninsula, Grandola.

The location of the gym in the basement is of the utmost importance, as I have a habit of going to train at six in the morning, when everyone is still asleep. So, because it is in the basement, I can put music on, turn on the TV, etc.

In the basement, in addition to the technical area and the laundry room, there is also the maid’s suite.

This room has a conservatory, with lots of natural light. It is a very spacious room, with two beds and its own bathroom. It also has internet and TV.

On the ground floor there is the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, all together in a large space. In this way, nobody feels left out. The kitchen also has a sliding door in case you need more privacy.

On this same floor, there is also a social bathroom and two more suites, both overlooking the garden.

Pieces of stairs with steps lined with wood, we reach the second floor, where we find three more suites.

Two with side views of the garden and the other, with a large terrace, facing the garden, the sea, the mountains. That’s where we start the day. Taking a deep breath. Rain or shine… ”

SOLD – April 2022

Turn my dream home into yours.

Dream House in Troia, Portugal

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