Designing & Building Your Dream Home When Buying Property in Portugal


Designing & Building your Dream Home Portugal

Designing & Building Your Dream Home When Buying Property in Portugal. When you are buying a home in Portugal, you are not limited to the current homes for sale. What many people may not realize is they can also shop for property for sale in Comporta, Melides, Alentejo, Lisbon, and other such areas around where you are considering buying property in Portugal.

Buying property in Portugal opens a whole new world of opportunities that allows you to design your dream home. Rather than having to look at pre-existing homes that may not always fit with your sense of style and taste, you have the say in every aspect of building your dream home. Where should you start? Let’s look at what steps you should follow to ensure you find the right property for sale in Portugal to build your dream home!


Decide Where you Want your Home

Portugal offers a wide range of options, from beachside plots to countryside settings, and even farms and vineyards. Are you looking for a second or third vacation home? Do you plan on leasing the home out when you are not using it? Do you plan on living in Portugal because of a job opportunity or retirement?

Answering these questions is equally important when deciding where to build your dream home. For instance, if you want a vacation home or plan on leasing it out, you want to choose a region that is close to beaches, city centers, and other such conveniences. On the other hand, if you are seeking a quiet and peaceful escape, then a nice countryside home would be more appropriate. You can find Comporta real estate and other areas that are inland and still 20 to 30 minutes away from everything.


Hire a Real Estate Agent in Portugal

While you are trying to decide where you want to build your home in Portugal, now is the perfect time to hire a real estate agent in Portugal. Having a buyer’s agent who is familiar with the different regions makes it easier to find the perfect piece of land for your dream home. Plus, your realtor can view properties on your behalf, take pictures, and provide other essential details you need to know before making the seller an offer.


Designing & Building your Dream

What Style of Home Do you Want to Build?

Do you want to build a home that reflects Portuguese style or traditional Portuguese architecture? Would you rather have a more modern home design with Spanish and Portuguese influences? You could even decide that you want to build a dream home that fits more with the styles found in your home country.


Get Inspired, View Houses for Sale in Portugal

If you need some inspiration on deciding what style of home you want to build, as well as what type of layout you want your floor plan to have, take the time to view some of the current houses for sale in Portugal. Viewing homes allows you to figure out what things you like and want to include in your home and which ones you don’t like so you don’t include them in your design.


Choose a Floor Plan or Create your Own

Once you know where you want to buy the property and what style of home you want to build, the next step is to choose a floor plan or create your own. There are numerous floor plans available that could be perfect for your dream home. You can find these online or by consulting with an architect with experience building homes in Portugal.

If you want to create your own floor plan, you could utilize home design software apps or retain the services of an architect. No matter what you decide, it is a good idea to sketch out your floor plan, so you have something to work from when using the home design app or telling your architect how you envision the home.


Don’t Forget a Courtyard or Garden in your Design

Two very popular trends in Portuguese design are courtyards and gardens. Atriums are also acceptable. Your courtyard should include a variety of local plants and trees, a water feature, and areas where you can sit outdoors and enjoy this space. Many luxury homes also have swimming pools and elaborate outdoor areas featuring outdoor kitchens, cabanas, and more.


Don’t Forget Essential Interior Features & Options

There is a wide range of luxury home design trends that you can choose from to decide which interior features and options you want to include. It is worthwhile to consider these before interior finishing begins to ensure you do not forget something you truly want in your dream home.


Obtain Planning and Building Permissions

You may be required to secure planning and building permissions to build your dream home in Portugal. Your real estate agent can sometimes help with these processes or refer you to the appropriate party who knows about local planning commissions and requirements.


Buy your Property in Portugal

By now, you should have narrowed down the different properties for sale and selected the region where you want to build your home. You should have also found out what planning and building permission you will need to procure, as well as any building permits. Once you have all these things in order, your next step is to purchase the property. You may have already made an initial offer with contingencies, but if not, now is the time to submit your offer to the buyer through your realtor.

To expedite the sales process, it is always a good idea to be prequalified for a mortgage if you will need to obtain financing to purchase the property. Otherwise, you should place the funds into an escrow account when directed to do so by your real estate agent, to show the seller you are serious about your offer.


Start Construction on your Dream Home

After you close on the property and own it, you can begin construction. Just make sure you have acquired all necessary planning and building permissions and building permits. Some people want to be nearby while their dream home is being built so they can monitor the construction progress. Your realtor can also help you locate homes you can lease in the same area.

By using these steps, you are sure to find the perfect property for sale in Comporta, Melides, Alentejo, Lisbon, or another area to build your dream home. For help finding property for sale or buying a home in Portugal, please feel free to contact Living Portugal Property at +351 92 777 1776 today! Whether you are looking for a luxury vacation home, beach house, sea view villa, countryside estate, village home, farm home, or another property, we are happy to lend our expertise and assistance.

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