Comporta the Busy Nature



COMPORTA, the Busy Nature


There is something busy about Comporta, and when we say that we do not mean the people or the roads.

Come and find out for yourself…

Pick up a bike or just those sport shoes you never wore because you were just too lazy.

Arrive at the rice fields and rest your eyes on this beautiful busy carpet from nature which changes colour throughout the year.

Can you see? It is so busy, is it not?

Everything around you moves, and the sounds, oh!!! The sounds are marvellous, all colours and type of birds singing, frogs croaking and the tree branches swinging with the breeze that blows in from the ocean.

Occasionally a flock of storks land nearby, and the party begins, it is lunch time. The paddy fields have everything they need, no rush, it is enough for everybody.

The rice paths take you to the dunes, where you will find another busy world.

From wherever you are, the Atlantic Ocean can be a sweet melody or if you move to the west the big waves will embrace you in a loud symphonic concert.

By now all your senses are all busy, trying to get the most out of this beautiful busy nature, yet the tiredness never felt so good.

This is Comporta, a feast for the senses, a blank novel for your mind, a piece of a special paradise.

Shh!!! It is still a secret, my secret home. You are welcome if you want to keep it as it is if you want to be part of this other world for many years to come.



Carla Cao

13th March 2021

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