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Beach Houses Comporta

Although Comporta is a beachside retreat, the majority of the Comporta beach houses are located at a short distance from, rather than on the beach itself. This is because Comporta beach is a protected zone and it is illegal to build a home there. Recent regulations enforce the rule that one’s beach house, must be two kilometres away from the shore.

Some properties have been grandfathered-in due to their date of construction but height restrictions now forbid two-storey homes. This of course, protects the skyline around one’s property. The not so distant beach houses are ideal as a primary residence and superb for that summer vacation property, allowing one to relax and enjoy the stunning environment that this beautiful area provides.

Many newly built beach homes are used by their owners throughout the year but leased during peak holiday season. Rental prices for luxury 4-bedroom Comporta beach houses usually range between €8.000 and €30.000 per week.

If you are looking to build your new home, then one should account for around €2.500 per sq. m. This price will vary subject to materials and finishings. For additional information, simply send us an email or get in touch by phone.


Comporta Villas

It has always been difficult to find Comporta Villas for sale, as those which were built, were for the home owner and not for sale. Previous to this, the only properties for sale in Comporta were the traditional fisherman’s cabanas. These were normally on land owned by the estate, Herdade da Comporta. You could also buy homes and plots within the villages and hamlets which make up this vast area.

Nowadays, although not in great supply, you will find a number of exceptional Comporta villas for sale. These homes may be found within the countryside area known as Muda or nearer to some of our stunning beaches. Areas to consider should include Brejos da Carregueira, Pego Beach in Lagoa Formosa and at the reserve in Carvalhal.

The majority of these homes are used by their owners throughout the year or put up for lease.

Architect, Pedro Ferreira Pinto, has designed multiple homes in Comporta and has now handed the reigns to his daughter. She will continue the tradition of designing stunning and modern properties in Comporta, Portugal.


Traditional Comporta Cabanas

The original Comporta cabanas where homes for the local fishermen. They were arranged in such a way that each cabana had its own use. There would be a cabana for sleeping, (Generally, all of the family together), and individual cabanas for the living and kitchen areas.

These aesthetically beautiful homes were built in a truly environmentally friendly manner, sitting directly on top of the sand. They were constructed with local reeds which were harvested on the shores of the Estuary and pinewood which was cut from the local forests.

Nowadays, one has a choice of materials, however one of the best cabana styled properties is Casas na Areia,  (House on the sand) which was designed by Aires Mateus the much acclaimed Portuguese architect and built by a truly traditional and meticulous tradesmans family, Antonio and Vitor Pinela.

When meandering throughout Comporta, check out the traditional cabanas in Carrasqueira as well as some of the newer ones near Pego Beach and within Brejos da Carregueira de Baixo gated community. Due to the labour intensive construction methods of these traditional Comporta cabanas, expect to pay around €3.000 per sq. m. for construction and finishings, however, the final product is worth the price.


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