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Blue Coast Alentejo Litoral

The Blue Coast of Portugal, Stretches from Costa da Caparica to the border of western Algarve. Throughout the year, the Blue Coast is home to two-hundred species of birds including the stork, Harrier and heron. The Blue Coast was also an influential area for Bronze Age Man and the Roman Empire.

Even today the Roman ruins in Troia may be visited on the first Saturday of every month. These ruins include the Roman spas, shrines and hippodrome. From here you may travel the single road onto to Comporta, Carvalhal and Melides. You will pass through a number of small villages and roadside towns. You will discover some of the prettiest terrain and marvel at the scenic beauty where the ocean touches the shore, majestically mingling the blue of the ocean and the green of the landscape.

Along your journey you will see agricultural cultivation including rice, grass, vegetable-fields, fruit-groves, vines and cork oaks. As you wind the coast heading south, you will pass the Blue Coast beaches of unrivalled charm and peace. As you travel south along the Alentejo coastline you will pass the deep water port of Sines and Porto Covo. You will also find Vila Novo Mil Fontes along the St Vincent coast.


Alentejo Culture

The cultural diversity of the Blue Coast villages and people with their unique and individual festivals and fairs will enable you to enjoy and celebrate every day. Each town and city has its own historical story which can be seen in their costume, customs, manor homes and castles; with pilgrimage taken at the local churches, chapels, and shrines.

For your pleasure you may enjoy a selection of activities which include sailing, kayaking, surfing, windsurf, water-ski, motor-boat cruising, scuba diving, on or offshore angling and horse riding.

One of your most enjoyable experiences will be found at the dining table. The Blue Coast of Portugal has some of the richest and most delightfully menus to be found anywhere in Portugal. To add to this, there a variety of superb, locally produced wines, making your time here memorable and a journey that lasts forever.


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