8 Exciting Things to Do in Comporta


Exciting Things to Do in Comporta

The village of Comporta and estate, is tucked neatly away on a narrow strip of land that is at the beginning of the Tróia Peninsula and expands towards Alcacer do Sal and Grandola, at an hour’s drive south of Lisbon. You can enjoy beaches that seem endless, paddy fields, and pine forests, all in this area that has not been overrun with modernization and tourists. It is the hidden gem of the Portugal Coast and boasts many exciting things to do in Comporta.

The area is a popular destination for many celebrities looking to escape the paparazzi. Plus, it offers natural beauty with clean beaches that are not overcrowded. Part of the reason Comporta has not been developed like other areas is due to strict development laws that keep property developments in check, and away from the beaches, forests, and paddy fields.

Due to the strict development practices, Comporta has remained a paradise with plenty to see and enjoy while visiting. Some of the most popular things to do in Comporta when not spending time on the pristine beaches include:

1. Bird Watching

There are plenty of stunning birds you can enjoy watching. You can take a stroll through the Sado Estuary to check out a variety of birds like flamingos, storks, and herons and the beautiful wildlife and nature.


2. Horseback Riding and Outdoor Activities

You can ride horses along the beach, have surf or paddleboard lessons. You can rent bicycles to ride up and down the coast to explore the various towns that make up Comporta.


3. Dolphin Observation

Also part of the Sado Estuary is an area of freshwater that is home to a pod of bottlenose dolphins. You can relax on the shore while enjoying these beautiful animals.


4. Casa da Cultura

This refurbished cinema and rice barn offers access to local artisans. You can explore various exhibitions, as well as browse through different pop-up shops. You can discover artwork, handmade wares, and more to take home or use to decorate your Portugal vacation home.


5. Wine-Tasting

You can enjoy a day of wine-tasting, whilst learning more about the vineyards. There are estates in Comporta, the Setubal Peninsula and greater Alentejo.


6. Comporta Yoga Shala

This open-walled but covered outdoor space provides a stunning area to enjoy yoga. It is located near the forest and provides great views of the sand dunes and paddy fields. You can enjoy watching the sun rise while taking in the beauty of Comporta.


7. Casual to Upscale Dining

Whether you have kids, want to go casual, or dress up and enjoy an upscale dining experience, there are plenty of local restaurants to choose from like the casual Restaurante O Dinis, which offers children’s play areas right off the restaurant’s deck. Come prepared to sample a wide array of flavorful seafood dishes no matter where you dine.


8. Browse Property for Sale in Portugal

Many people fall in love with Comporta after their first visit to the area. They take time out of their holiday to explore properties for sale in Portugal, including Comporta and Lisbon. Other people find the perfect property and end up moving to Comporta to enjoy the serene beauty of the region year-round.

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More Reasons to Visit Comporta

In popularity, Comporta is not yet on the same par as Ibiza and other renowned tourism locations worldwide. However, its latest feature in Vogue and other travel and fashion magazines has enlightened many people about its beauty. If you wish to unwind on a sandy beach, refresh with the cool breeze from the Atlantic, or be embraced by nature, Comporta in Portugal, is the right place for you to visit. This spectacular village is strategically located about an hour and a half south of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.


Here, we examine five reasons to make you visit this small corner of paradise.

To Enjoy the Beaches

Some of Comporta’s most beautiful beaches include Praia do Comporta, Praia do Carvalhal, and Praia do Prego. The beaches in Comporta are usually surrounded by wild vegetation or rice fields, making the golden sand beautiful and more adorable. One of the major reasons to visit Comporta, Portugal, is to enjoy relaxing on these beautiful sandy beaches.


A Worthy Introduction to the Alentejo Region

The Alentejo region is one of the largest, most popular, and most beautiful regions in all of Portugal. Alentejo has medieval villages, untampered nature, beautiful coast, and magnificent sunset. Some of the beautiful towns within the Alentejo region include Elvas, Evora, Viana do Alentejo, Marvao and Monsoraz. Comporta is strategically positioned along the Alentejo Coast and certainly worth visiting.


The Cuisine

Comporta’s local cuisine is enough reason to visit this wonderful village. There is no shortage of delicious food in Comporta, thanks to the amazing restaurants like Cavalarica, 5 Sentidos, Comporta Café, and Restaurante Sal. They offer delicious meals such as fish and other seafood, with a lot of rice-based meals too.


To Refresh and Relax

Regardless of everything, Comporta is a place to relax, and enjoy the hotel, spas, and private services. Activities include surfing, taking a stroll in a rice field, horse riding along the beach or sailing. If you take a ride on the ferry, you may even encounter our resident pod of dolphins.


Amazing Real Estate Opportunities

Comporta, Portugal, is a gold mine for real estate opportunities, making your visit to Comporta, potentially very profitable. Because of the ever-increasing popularity of this beautiful region, the real estate market has begun to thrive. There are numerous Comporta Real Estate Developments for sale, including lands, private homes, beach homes, summer vacation homes, agricultural projects, and infrastructures such as hotels and commercial properties on offer. Because of Comporta’s reduced popularity (for now), many of these properties are being offered at a reasonable price, however, the sell-on value in the future could be very profitable.


Final Thoughts

One reason to visit Comporta, Portugal, is the fabulous weather that makes it possible to visit at any time of the year. However, it is best to visit between May and June, or between September and October.


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