6 Portuguese Décor Ideas for Your New Home in Comporta


Décor Ideas for your New Home

After buying a new home in Comporta for your summer holidays, you will want to add your own style to it. Whether you are from the U.K., France, U.S., Brazil, or another country, it can be tempting to decorate the home using design trends from your native country. While this might seem like a good idea at the time, it can make your home stand out and not feel very Portuguese. It is better to look at traditional Portuguese décor design ideas for inspiration. Taking this approach will help you create a stunning and gorgeous home in Comporta you will want to spend more time in even after the summer holiday season.


1. Match the Portuguese Décor to the Location

The location of your home in Comporta is essential in deciding what décor is best. Do you have a beach home or a country home in Comporta? For beach homes, choose beach-inspired design ideas. For instance, you could incorporate seashells to decorate mirrors, picture frames, and walls. With a country home, grapevines and other nature-type décor found in the area can add to the charm of the home.


2. Use Contrasting Colors to Paint the Walls

If you want to paint the walls, pick colors that complement each other that are also contrasting. White and various shades of blue are very trendy and in style right now in Comporta. If you have natural wood elements inside the home, don’t paint these since they already bring beauty to the home. To complement the natural wood elements, choose a paint color that is opposite the color of the wood. For dark woods, use a light paint and for light woods use a dark paint.


3. Don’t Ignore the Existing Architectural Features

Does your new home in Comporta have arched doorways, crown molding, or other such features? Rather than remove them, give them an update. For example, you could install arched stained or frosted glass in archways and paint the crown molding a trendy color.


4. Explore the Inner Beauty Your Home May Be Hiding

Some older Comporta homes may have hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, or other such stunning designs hidden away under carpeting. Remove the carpeting and see what hidden beauty your home in Comporta is hiding. If it has hardwood flooring, have it refinished for an elegant appearance. If it is tiled, have the tiles polished and resealed, and remember to replace the grout and any broken or missing tiles.


5. Include a Few Statement Pieces

Find statement pieces that were from the same time when your home was originally built. From artwork to furniture, adding these, along with modern elements, helps showcase the traditional charm of the home while also giving it a new modern look and feel.


6. Accent Rooms with Different Styles of Rugs

If your home has marble, ceramic, or hardwood floors, you will want to use various styles of rugs to add a touch of color. Both Portuguese and Mediterranean rugs are popular choices because they offer a diverse range of colors and patterns. For beach homes in Comporta, look at rugs that have blues, greens, and tans that could bring a beach-feeling indoors. For country homes, rugs with violets and purple are trendy, as well as ones with reds and oranges.


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