Melides, Portugal

Melides, Portugal is small town in the district of Grandola which offers countryside settings, magnificent ocean views and deserted beaches.

The village of Melides covers an area of 162 km2 and has around 2,000 inhabitants.

Property prices are on the rise due to the lack of sea-view estates in Comporta and Troia.

Melides is a wonderful and safe place to live with a lively town centre, a Catholic Church, internet cafes and some decent restaurants including one of our affordable favourites “O Fadista” which is located in the centre of the town.

Christian Louboutin is currently building a boutique hotel and restaurant in the centre of town which should open in 2021.


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Building plots, tourism projects, country estates, beach houses, villas, and village homes for sale in Melides, Portugal along the Alentejo Coast, Portugal.

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