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When marketing property in Comporta, there are two marketing tools that nearly every seller uses: Open houses and classified ads. Unfortunately, these are ineffective as less than 1% of homes are sold at open houses, and less than 3% because of classified ads. In fact, agents often use open houses solely to attract prospects, and not to sell your house, so be careful.

Does your agent employ a wide variety of marketing techniques and are they committed to selling your Comporta property? They should be available for every phone call and offer you insider tips on marketing property in Comporta. Remember, most calls are received during business hours, so make sure that your agent, works full-time.


Do not “hard sell” buyers

Buying a house in Comporta, is always an emotional experience, and for some buyers, making complex decisions can be daunting. You should allow buyers to examine your property without you or your agent trying to forcefully sell your home.

Instead, be friendly and hospitable, point out the local amenities or places of interest, whilst being receptive to questions. Try not to negotiate at this stage, as salesmanship, may turn your potential buyers away.


Trying to sell to lookers

A buyer who sees a For Sale sign or open house advert may not really be interested in your property. Often, buyers who are not accompanied by an agent are 6-9 months away from buying. They may be more interested in seeing what is out there than in making a purchase.

Buyers may have to sell their property in Comporta or may not be able to afford a house quite yet. They may still even be unsure as to whether they want to relocate. Your agent should be able to distinguish realistic buyers from mere lookers.

Agents should usually find out a prospective buyer’s savings, credit rating, and purchasing power in general. If your agent fails to find out this pertinent information, you should investigate on your own. This will help you avoid wasting valuable time marketing to the wrong people.

When marketing property in Comporta, if you must do this work yourself, consider finding a new agent in Comporta.


Where to advertise your property

With so many different ways to market property in Comporta, it can be daunting to know which way is best. A great way to start is to list every conceivable way that you know of and then ask friends and family to contribute to these suggestions.

Once you believe you have everything down start to look at each one for its individual merits. This should include how it would fit in to your overall marketing strategy and budget. Once you have completed these tasks it should be easy to decide what you need to do.


Paying Advertisements

Remember not all paying advertisements represent value for money. You may find you get some excellent results from those “one liners” you place in your local or regional freebies. If you are “open to offers” make sure your potential buyers are aware of this. Once you have selected your methods for marketing property in Portugal, start writing your headlines and text, if you are including artwork or pictures make sure they are as professional as can be.

Remember the majority of property buyers in Comporta will first see your home in a photograph and therefore it is critical that you took the time to stage your home in Comporta, to portray your property in the best possible light. Always show your ideas to your family and friends and ask them what they like and dislike. It is better to make changes now in the proofing stage rather than after you have gone to print. Make sure your advert headlines are clear, precise and that the buyer fully understands what is on offer to them.


Positive Headlines

Produce positive headlines that can be expanded upon within the broader text of your advert. Always have the buyer in mind when writing your property advert. Why should they buy your property in Comporta, is an important question one should ask when writing the text.

Most people use a computer, so print a couple of different types of copy and test them. If you are getting a much better response from one type of advert then put this one out first. Monitor your responses so that you can switch to the ones that are producing the best results.

When marketing property in Comporta, test market first, find out what works before spending your entire budget. Regular classified adverts generally work better than a one off splash. Being in front of the buyer consistently is normally a better way of attracting your buyer. One line property adverts or even a web address to your site may prove more beneficial in the long run.

If you buy larger advertisements that describe your property in more detail consider changing your headline from time to time. Find out what brings in the most callers. If something is not working then change it or try another tack. It is no good throwing good money after bad on something that you know is not producing results.


Pre-Recorded Advertising

A number of selling agents and property owners are promoting their properties on the Talking House transmitters. This enables prospective buyers to tune in as they drive by your home. You may record all the details about your property in Comporta and add any incentives that are available.


Telephone Answering Machine

Do you have a spare telephone line or could you have an additional line installed? By adding an answer machine, you buyer is able to listen to the details about your property when convenient. This would alleviate any pressure from an over exuberant salesperson.

You may record as much or as little information as you deem fit. By adding your agents telephone number your buyer can enter in to contact with them when convenient. You can include your telephone answering machine number on all of your marketing and advertisements. Another way to encourage more buyers to call in is to offer them a number where the call is free.


The Internet

If your property is not online, you are missing an opportunity to sell your property in Comporta. Most buyers prior to visiting your property will have seen pictures and read a description about your home online.

Agents have websites, making it easy for buyers to search for properties that are of interest to them. If you are not marketing property in Comporta, online, then you will be doing a great injustice to yourself. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites where you are able to promote your property and whether you pay for showing your property or not you have to have presence.

When marketing property in Comporta online, make sure that the cost for this exposure is included in your budget. Internet usage is growing everyday and more potential buyers are coming online, so do not miss them.


Local Community Papers

Many community papers are delivered to all of the households in your neighbourhood. This is an effective ways of getting your message to neighbours and people that live close by. Another benefit is that they often provide additional more regional marketing by syndicating their advertisements with other papers. These local papers generally provide an excellent cost effective way of staying in front of the potential buyers who live nearby and a simple one line advert that can be repeated in each issue may be all it takes to bring them around to your home.



Simple but effective one line adverts may be all it takes to bring the buyers to your door. Review all of the local and regional papers and then determine which ones may work for you. This could definitely be a cost effective way of getting your property in Comporta noticed, so be creative with your heading vary what you write. Try and have your advert placed in every issue or every other issue. If the potential buyer keeps being reminded of your property then they are more likely to give you a call.


Glossy Property Magazines

If you are selling an expensive property, consider advertising within a magazine that is purchased by people that may become your buyer. These magazines are generally quite expensive to advertise in, however they do target a niche market and it just may happen that it is the same market that you are looking for. There are numerous types of these magazines on the market so check the costs and circulation.


Specialist Magazines

Your property in Comporta may be close to a golf course or at the edge of a river. It may be in the middle of the country where the trails are fabulous, wherever it is you may just be able to sell it to somebody who has a particular interest. If it is on or nearby a golf course you may consider advertising within a golfing magazine. The same can be said about a fishing or racing magazine if you nearby a race track. Remember this is another form of niche marketing property in Comporta and although generally more expensive than the norm’ you may just find that the buyer falls for your home because of the convenience it serves them to pursue their hobby or interest



They say a picture paints a thousand words, so automatically you would assume a video goes somewhat further. With the advent of digital photography and the digital video camera it is now relatively easy to put a little video together which can be copied to DVD. If you are able to produce a video of your home, then there are a number of places that you can distribute this and again it is a convenient and unpressured way your potential buyer can see your home. As many of us now have access to computers both at home and at work the potential buyer can because of the size and weight of the DVD carry it around and show their friends. You may also post this on to many internet sites and if you are creative enough you may just get more views than you anticipated.



Be Different, don’t just ask your agent to send out the normal “Just Listed” flyers to other properties in the area. Be creative, brainstorm a little longer and be certain to include all of the features and benefits that your property and neighbourhood has to offer. Don’t forget to include all of the incentives that the buyer will receive and any other particular offers that are only available to them. Also consider where and to whom your flyers are being circulated and make certain that they stay in front of your potential buyers until your property has sold.



The majority of potential property buyers will first see your property through photographs that are promoting your property. Therefore before you take any pictures make certain that you stage your property and present it in the best possible condition. If your property is not presented properly then many buyers will not even take the time to come out and see it.

Make sure that the exterior of your property grabs the buyer’s attention and makes them feel as if they wish to come inside. If you don’t spruce up the exterior many buyers will simply pass your property by. Nowadays most cameras will take wonderful and quality photographs however if necessary hire a professional photographer to take your pictures for you.


Open Houses

Although, studies show that less than one percent of homes, sell through open houses, many homeowners insist their agent hold one. If a yard sign or open house were all it took to sell a home, there would not be any realtors!

When marketing property in Comporta, try thinking outside of the box and offer something different. Don’t just open your home and hope for passers-by try to offer something that will attract buyers above the call and duty of just looking at your home. Live music, theatre, book reading and the like can all be used to get other interested people through the door and if combined with catered food, wine and other goodies this approach may secure the buyer that you are seeking.

I recently visited an open house art showing with wine, food and a solo saxophonist which brought in over one hundred visitors from the local area. Even though the house didn’t sell on the night the property was bought by a colleague of one of the attendees who had told a number of his friends about that particular evening.


List away!

Lots of photos and online exposure are the key to marketing property in Comporta. Working with a real estate agent in Comporta who understands internet marketing is a necessary when marketing your property for sale in Comporta.


Living Portugal Property

If you have put the right team in place, put your trust in them. Real estate agents in Comporta have access to highly advanced marketing strategies that you may not even realise. It is your agent’s job to bring qualified buyers to the table, and keep in mind that they do not get paid if your house does not sell.

In most markets, the combination of the right representative and the right listing price will result in a sold home. If you recognise this early on, it becomes much easier to take a step back from the process, let your professional representative market your house, and minimize your stress.

Speak up if you think that your marketing property in Comporta, is not progressing as it should!


Now that you are ready to sell your property in Comporta, contact Living Portugal Property. We will have your property online, within 48 hours.

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