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Up until approximately ten years ago (2010), it was extremely difficult to find a villa for sale in Comporta, as those which were built, were for the home owner and not for sale.


Previous to this, the only properties for sale in Comporta were the traditional fisherman’s cabanas which were normally on land owner by the estate owner, Herdade da Comporta or homes and plots within the villages and hamlets which make up this exceptional estate.


Nowadays, although not in great supply, you will find a number of exceptional Comporta villas for sale which are generally found within the countryside area known as Muda and nearer to the beach in Brejos da Carreguira and Pego Beach in Lagoa Formosa and at the reserve in Carvalhal.


The majority of villas in Comporta are used by their owners throughout the year as second or third homes and in many instances leased out when not occupied.


The villa below was designed by the much respected Pedro Ferreira Pinto, who has authored multiple properties in the area and now handed the reigns to his daughter who will continue the tradition of designing stunning and modern real estate in Comporta, Portugal.


Comporta Villas


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