Comporta Portugal

Comporta Portugal, is located at the base of the Troia peninsula in the municipality of Alcacer do Sal, in the district of Setubal, in Portugal.

Comporta is one of the most privileged beach and country estate area’s within Europe which occupies an amazing position at the side of the Sado Estuary. A mere, five-minute walk to the famous Comporta Beach.

The parish is home to around 1500 inhabitants and includes; Brejos da Carregueira, Cambada, Carrasqueira, Comporta, Figueiral, Moitinha, Murta, Possanco, Torre, and Torroal.

Once a typical hub of agricultural activity with workers brought in from all over Portugal to work the lands throughout the seeding and harvesting seasons. Nowadays, crops include rice and grapes, under the guidance of the largest land owner in the area the Herdade da Comporta.

French, Portugueseand Spanish Companies.
Are planting lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and many other varieties of fruit and vegetable crops.

Buying a holiday home in Comporta


Comporta Village

Comporta Portugal

Comporta, Alcacer do Sal, Setubal

Due to the stunning location of Comporta Portugal, amongst other things, many of the wealthier Portuguese as well as foreign nationals have purchased property with many choosing some of the spectacular larger Quinta type properties.

There are a variety of activities to pursue including horse riding, fishing, hunting, sailing, diving, cycling, golf and birding with each season offering something new.

The beaches in Comporta Portugal are some of the best in the world and are continually awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award year after year. Comporta beaches include Troia, Soltroia, Comporta, Brejos, Carvalhal, Pego, Raposa, Pinheirinho, Aberta Nova and Melides.


Shopping in Comporta, Carrasqueira and Carvalhal. Ladies and gent’s apparel and accessories, news agent, bank, pharmacies, supermarkets, furniture, decoration and more.

Restaurants in Comporta offer some of the best fish and rice dishes, found anywhere in the world. All of the restaurants are good, however some of them are exceptional!


Carrasqueira Village

Carrasqueira Comporta Portugal
Carrasqueira, Alcacer do Sal, Setubal.

Located within the Sado Nature Reserve located on the banks of the Sado estuary. A large proportion of the Reserve is agricultural land which is owned by HdC (Herdade da Comporta, Portugal) which many believe took its roots from the House of Espirit do Santo whom after the revolution in 1836 were granted the land rights for many thousands of acres.

The agricultural land in Carrasqueira and estuary were always worked by migrant labour who over the years settled the land, living within the traditional organic “Fishermen Cabanas” which can still be seen today.

Over recent years, many of these homes have been restored and those which are still in a state of disrepair are now protected.

The migrant workers during the periods between the 1940’s and the 1970’s, numbered in the many thousands, and it wasn’t until the advent of the mechanical farm that these numbers would reduce significantly. Today in Carrasqueira, there are still a number of local inhabitants whom till the land they lease from HdC and many a small fishing boat can still be seen casting their nets over the Sado and out into the Atlantic Ocean as can be witnessed from the shores of Praia da Comporta.

Recent Developments

Due to the recent developments along the Troia Peninsula coastline associated with tourism many of the younger villagers have given up their parents professions and have taken to working within the tourist sector. This has led to a rise in disposable income which is reflected in the small amount of new construction that Carrasqueira is seeing along with the rise in property values. (2022).

Many of the properties that are for sale in Carrasqueira are still located on land owned by HdC, and can only be bought with their permission. A small rental fee is paid to HdC each year for the land that the property occupies and in many instances it is possible to lease even more land for private use.


Possanco Hamlet

Possanco Comporta Portugal
Possanco, Alcacer do Sal, Setubal.

Nowadays and only recently the major protector of the reserve, Herdade da Comporta (Espirito Santo) and the local town council decided to urbanise this tiny hamlet and have brought into fruition a development of approximately two hundred homes.

This little urbanization is completely surrounded by the protected reserve with many vantage points where one can still see the Sado River and Estuary.

It is highly unlikely in the near future that any further development will take place which therefore makes property in Possanco an ideal country residence that seems to have benefited from a little modernisation of the infrastructure.

Possanco is a very personal hamlet where everybody is known by name and where many residents still leave their front doors open and their cars unlocked.

When the development is finished, Possanco will become a lovely country hamlet juxtaposing the Estuary and being but a mere ten minute drive from the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches of Comporta, Portugal.


Herdade da Comporta Property Portugal

Nesting Storks
Herdade da Comporta is one of the largest owners of land in Portugal and has for many years been at the forefront in the promotion of environmental protection in harmony with sustainable economic growth along the Alentejo Coast.

Mission and Values

Create an environmentally sustainable luxurious tourist destination on 742 Hectares of pristine land in harmony with nature; at only a stone’s throw away from some of the most naturally stunning and award winning beaches in Europe, located between the country and ocean villages of Comporta and Carvalhal in the Districts of Grandola and Alcacer do Sal.

Rehabilitate the area’s natural patrimony whilst generating a strong and fluid regional economy that integrates creativity and sustainability whilst being the catalyst for enhanced education, local commercial development, job creation and excellence in the preservation of nature and man’s relationship with her.

Create a diverse local economy that produces new agricultural activity including the increased production of rice, vineyards, grass and honey, whilst embarking on an ambitious project in the cultivation of a more diversified organic and biologically produced crop.

Respect the local history and culture whilst modernising production and labour activity, yet combine a humble and simplistic lifestyle within a first class development that offers unrivalled quality and service.

Produce sustainable leisure and commercial activities that is borne out of ecological awareness whilst improving the conditions and livelihood of the local population and her visitors.



Herdade da Comporta is located less than one hour from the Capital, Lisbon which is a short flight from the many other capitals of Europe, with Lisbon providing Capital City activities and sights including many museums, cinema and much entertainment accompanied by an excellent gastronomical array and some of the finest wines in the world.


First Class Tourism Projects

This agricultural reserve is where the blue skies entwine with the freshness of life that exudes from the depths of the forests and extends to the sandy white beaches that invite one to dream.

With traditional southern architecture, especially that of Comporta, designed to afford a fulfilling lifestyle that blends harmoniously with natural tastes and smells that boast a climate for relaxed social relationships producing a Feng Shui environment whereby the interior of the residences flow seamlessly to meet the exterior of space and time in complete balance.

There are two distinctive Comporta golf course properties which are underway have been designed around the natural habitat with the utmost respect being given to the preservation of the area rather than the destruction. The courses are wonderful constructs of man in harmony with nature, with only minor alterations to the natural terrain attended at the Green’s.


Herdade da Comporta Wine

Herdade da Comporta produce a variety of red, white and rosé wine, which suit many occassions. These beautiful lands with calm and roar, produce vibrant and intense grapes making for a number of exceptional wines.


Herdade da Comporta Property Developments

The following Comporta real estate projects where designed by Portuguese architects and incorporated into the master design developments around low density accommodation integrated within the natural environment.


Conceptual design and architecture has been provided by the following architects;

Frederico Valsassina, Pedro Ferreira Pinto and Rui Pinto Goncalves/Susana Baeta.


Casas da Peninsula

Traditionally designed detached homes from Comporta and constructed from wood and straw. Lots sizes range between 900 and 1300 m2 and are positioned within 9 hectares of natural habitat and are located in close proximity to Praia do Pego (Pego Beach) in Carvalhal. Casas da Peninsula promotes an ideal environment for relaxation and leisure and was romantically inspired by her relationship with the richness of the environment and her proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Coast. Sold Out


Casas da Ilha

These beautifully positioned detached family plots are approved with projects for two types of detached homes. Floors plans are T3 or T4 + 1. These remarkable and awe inspiring projects are located in close proximity to Praia do Pego (Pego Beach). They have been designed around natural walkways and unforgettable horizons. Lot sizes 1400 and 1700 m2. Sold Out


Casas da Encosta

Casas da Encosta. A luxurious private condominium at the southern side of Herdade da Comporta Property. This fifty-home residential development is turned with her face to the ocean and is located only metres from Pego Beach – Praia do Pego. This privileged environment maintains her natural habitat of flower and vegetation and offers picturesque views to the horizon.

The relaxed and natural way of life is borne from the forests and dunes and coloured by nature’s best. Lots – 1300 to 3300 m2 with approved planning permission for single storey family dwellings. Resales – Sold Out


Comporta Dunes Resort

The first AMAN in Portugal and the only AMAN Resort & Spa property on the Iberian Peninsula. 36 AMAN Villas adjacent to the AMAN resort. A championship-level golf course by David McLay Kidd. Clubhouse designed by Eduardo Souto de Moura, the 2011 Pritzker Prize winner.

A residential estate of 51 homes targeting the German, Austrian and Swiss markets Joint Venture between Herdade da Comporta and DC Residential, a German property developer.

2019: This part of the Herdade da Comporta Property has now been sold to a Portuguese and French partnership.


C11 Carvalhal

10 Building Plots overlooking the rice fields. Sold Out


L13 Carvalhal

23 Building Plots with a choice between pine forest or rice field views. Sold Out


C17 Carvalhal

An opportunity for a small developer or group of investors wishing to make their mark on Comporta. Sold

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