Comporta Beach Houses

Although Comporta is a beachside retreat, the majority of beach houses are located at a short distance from, rather than on the beach itself. This is due to the fact that Comporta beach is a protected zone and it is illegal to build a home there, with new regulations enforcing the rule that one’s beach house, must be two kilometres away from the shore.

Some properties have been grandfathered in due to their date of construction but height restrictions now forbid two storey homes which protects the skyline around one’s property.

The not so distant, Comporta beach houses are ideal as a primary residence and superb for that summer vacation, allowing one to relax and enjoy the stunning environment that this beautiful area provides.

The home below was designed by the late Vera Iachia and is undoubtedly by far, due to its design and location the best beach house in Comporta.

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