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How to Buy Comporta Property?

After you have identified the property you wish to buy in Comporta, you can simply make an offer through your agent. Once your offer has been accepted, you will sign the Promissory Contract to buy and sell, preferably at a Notary’s office.

Use the services of a competent lawyer when you buy Comporta property. Accountants, financial advisers, surveyors, or mortgage brokers are also available.

The normal contractual obligations of an intended purchase in Comporta will mean that you will forfeit your deposit if you pull out of the contract and the seller will need to double your deposit if they do the same.

Prior to closing, you will need a Portuguese Tax number and pay the necessary taxes. You should account for an additional 8% to 10% on top of the purchase price.

Apart from hiring an exceptional Real Estate Agent in Comporta, become an informed buyer by reading the article below.


Obtain the right information

How do you determine the right price to offer when you buy Comporta property with the terms that you like?

1. Is the listed price too high?
2. Have you found a superb deal?


Your own due diligence is vital, as is the information provided by your real estate agent.

Your property agent should be able to offer an unbiased opinion on the value of the house in Comporta. This value is based on known factors and up-to-date knowledge of the local real estate market. Without this local knowledge of the current Comporta property market, you may offer more than the house is worth. Worse still, you could potentially ignore a terrific buying opportunity, for lack of the correct information.

When you are looking for a real estate agent in Comporta make sure you hire a professional agent who you can trust. They should take care of your interests and not the sellers.


Have a clear objective

The following question may sound simple, but; Do you truly know what you want? Understanding your needs when you buy Comporta property will allow you to have a clear objective. This will put you in a better position when looking for your new home.

1. How many bedrooms do you require?
2. Where will you spend most of your time?
3. How big a house do you really need?
4. How long do you intend to keep the property?
5. Will you be designing and building a new home?


If you buy a house in Comporta which is not large enough you may feel without freedom, and contrary to that, if your house in Comporta is too large the maintenance and upkeep may be more than you wish for.

Prior to buying Comporta property you should make an accurate list of all the things that you and your family want from your new home and the surrounding neighbourhood. If you can do this, you are on your way to finding your perfect home and environment.


Read the Comporta property title

Many Comporta property buyers overlook the discrepancies that exist between the Title document and what is constructed. By consulting the Title document you will be certain of what you are paying for.


Paying for a survey

The majority of Comporta buyers do not obtain a structural survey for the house that they are purchasing which unfortunately leaves them vulnerable to unexpected faults within the house. For approximately €2.000 your surveyor will provide a detailed report that will highlight any problems that your new house may have. Tip, make your offer, subject to a satisfactory report.


Qualify before you buy Comporta property

Before you decide to buy Comporta property, we advise, where necessary, to obtain your funding first. Funding may take a month before you are pre-approved, but a seller is more likely to consider an offer from a buyer with funding in place.


Additional buying expenses

Apart from the funds required to buy comporta property, you will need additional funds for taxes, legal fees, surveys, and insurance. Fees and taxes will vary, so budget for an additional 10% of the purchase price for fees and taxes.


Signing the Purchase Contract

The Purchase Contract will be done at a local Notaries office who are licensed by the Portuguese Government. As a foreigner, it is imperative that all documents are read out in your own language. This can be arranged prior to your purchase with the help of your agent or at the Notary’s office.


Procedure when buying Comporta Property

It is recommended that you hire the services of a licensed property lawyer when you buy Comporta property.


General Rules / Buying Procedure

Once you have identified the property for sale in Comporta that you wish to purchase you can make your offer. Once your offer has been accepted you will sign a Promissory Contract to sell and buy with the owner.


The Promissory Contract

(Contrato de Promessa de Compra e Venda)

Both the Buyer and Seller of the property will enter into a Promissory Contract which will outline the terms and conditions of the purchase. This contract should be registered at the Notary Office.



The CPCV is a legally binding Contract and shall afford the following protection. If the Seller withdraws from the Contract they are required to return twice the deposit. If the Buyer withdraws from the Contract they shall forfeit the deposit. Your lawyer will detail the laws and procedures in relation to producing and signing this Contract. Along with the signing of this Promissory Contract you will be expected to make a down payment (Deposit), which is usually 10% to 20%.


Power of Attorney


Due to a number of reasons it may be necessary to hire a third person such as a lawyer to legally represent you when you sell or buy Comporta property in Portugal. This document once prepared is registered at the Notary Office which then entitles your representative to legally act on your behalf in accordance with said Power of Attorney. This document can be prepared outside of Portugal but will need to be officially translated into Portuguese before the document becomes valid in Portugal.

You may at any time instruct a Third Person to act as your Legal Representative by producing and signing a Procuraçâo. This will indicate what type of authority your representative has and for what type of transactions they are able to perform on your behalf.


Fiscal Number

(Numero Fiscal)

Each Buyer is obligated to obtain a Fiscal Number from the local Finanças -Tax Office. When you buy Comporta property you are obliged to register at the local Finanças where upon successful registration you will be given your own Fiscal Card and Tax Number. This document along with your Identity Card or Passport will be required when you complete the purchase.


Stamp Duty – Municipal Taxes

(Imposto Municipal sobre Transmissões (IMT) )

Prior to the actual purchase of the property, the Buyer will be required to pay a tax levied on the purchase of property in Comporta. This tax is paid at the local Tax Office (Finanças) and is calculated on the following basis: (In some instances the buyer may be exempt from these taxes). Property taxes will vary between 0% and 1.2% depending up on your individual circumstances and the type and value of the property that you are purchasing. Offshore companies are charged at a different rate. (Taxes for a Primary Residence may be charged at different rate).


Promissory Contract – Closing

(Escritura de Compra e Venda)

Once the correct documentation is in hand and all of the necessary taxes have been paid, the Seller and Buyer may proceed to the “Closing of the Contract.” This is concluded at the Notary Office.

The Notary will confirm that the documentation is correct and will then proceed to finalise the purchase of your property. The outstanding balance is then paid to the Seller in the form of a Guaranteed Bank Instrument. This Act will be recorded by the Notary with the Buyer receiving two Certified Copies of said document.


Land Registry Office

(Conservatoria do Registo Predial)

Upon completion of the transfer of ownership it is recommended that the property be registered in the name of the new Owner at the local Conservatoria do Registo Predial (Land Registry Office). This procedure is not obligatory however it is recommended. The registration can be done at any time after the closing of the purchase. Additional documentation needed to conclude the purchase


Property Tax Document

(Caderneta Predial)

The current Owner will have this document which was supplied to them by the local Finanças – Tax Office. A valid document will need to be obtained, which for tax purposes only confirms the description of the property, Fiscal Number, Owner and annual taxes payable on declared value.


Energy Certificate and C02

(Certificaçâo Energética e Ar Interior)

This document will be supplied by the Seller and must be delivered by them at closing which certifies the condition of the property in relation to its energy efficiency.


Property Registration Certificate

(Certidão de Teor)

The local Conservatória do Registo Predial (Land Registry Office) will provide you with this document. This will confirm that the Seller is the Legal Owner of the property. This document will also confirm whether there are any outstanding Charges or Liens secured on the property. This document confirms the Legal History of said property and is only valid for a short period of time.


License to Utilise

(Licença de Utilização) – (Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, etc)

The current Owner of the property will have to provide this document which may be obtained from the Câmara Municipal, local Town Hall. This document confirms the legal usage for said property.


Municipal Taxes

(Imposta Municipal de Imóveis (IMI))

Properties in Portugal are subject to an Annual Tax (IMI). The IMI rates are calculated on a similar basis as the following:

Rural Properties: 0.8%
Urban Properties between: 0.4% to 01.2% (Rate varies from Council to Council)

Certain amounts can be paid in two or three installments. The first payment is due in April, whilst the remainder is due in September. If this tax is not paid the State has the right to auction your property to the highest bidder.


Additional Expenses

Utility fees and charges: Water, Sewage, Waste Collection, Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Cable, Condominium fees (Where Applicable)



The above information on buying Comporta property is for guideline purposes only and does not constitute any legally binding agreement. We recommend when buying or selling property in Portugal that you seek the advice of a legal representative, tax advisor and licensed real estate agent.


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