Build a New House in Portugal

What to do before buying land to build a new house in Portugal

Confirm planning permission:

Make sure that prior to purchasing your land, that you either have full planning permission, or outline planning permission from the local authorities and be sure to have this permission in writing.

Generally, you will require:

A licensed architect to produce the required property drawings and for submission of such to the local planning authority and an engineer for the speciality (Electricity, plumbing, structural, etc) drawings and construction supervision.

You may hire an independent consultant / agent to report on the construction works being carried out by your licensed construction company who should in all instances have a solid reputation.

If in doubt, ask first before it’s too late:

You may choose independent companies for all of the services you require and are not obliged to use your architect’s construction company as some believe.

Living Portugal Property can assist you by providing upto date information and by recommending suitably qualified companies.

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