Troia, Grandola, Setubal, Portugal.


Troia is located at the pinnacle of the peninsula which measures seventeen kilometres in length by one and a half in width at its widest point and is an idyllic location just off the coast of Setubal and overlooked by the Serra da Arrabida Nature Reserve.

Troia may be reached by ferry from the city of Setubal which takes a thirty minute crossing time or alternatively can be reaced by car via Alcacer do Sal or Grandola. To reach Troia from Lisbon it takes approximately one hour and twenty minutes at a steady road speed. Troia is a stunningly beautiful area of natural beauty and is a temporary home to over two species of birds, much fauna and a much loved pod of dolphins.


Due to her incredible beauty and charm Tróia and the surrounding areas have become a privileged destination for the rich and famous and is the perfect place for that deserved relaxation or for those of us who enjoy any number of outdoor pursuits. The Troia Peninsula now boasts the Troia golf club, marina, three luxury hotels, spas and casino and throughout the seasons you may enjoy sea and river fishing, sailing, wind surfing, sun worship, kayaking, golf, sailing, running, cycling and stroll at your leisure many of her stunningly beautiful trails. Troia has an extremely low number of full time residents with her numbers only swelling in the summer months. The neighbourhoods along the peninsula are Vilas do Mar, troiaresort, troia vila and Soltroia.


Troiaresort is a luxury development positioned at the tip of the peninsula with stunning views to the Serra da Arrabida, the Atlantic Ocean, the Sado Estuary and distant views to the city of Setubal.


Sol Troia is situated at the centre of the Troia peninsula and lies almost equally between Troia Resort and Comporta. Approximately eighty percent of the condominium juxtaposes the Atlantic Ocean with the remainder on the Sado River and Estuary; thus divided by a single carriageway which runs the whole length of the peninsula.

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