Sesimbra Portugal


Sesimbra Portugal is a quaint fishing village in the District of Setúbal in Alentejo, positioned along the Arrábida mountain range and in front of and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Sesimbra has some of the nicest beaches in Portugal and has been a popular tourist destination for many years, with holidaymakers travelling in from all over the world. It was in the 12th century that D. Dinis the sixth king of Portugal created the people of the riverside of Sesimbra, a small village of fisherman next to the sea and even today you can still see a number of local fishermen setting sail to haul in the "catch" of the day.

Sesimbra offers some of the best seafood and fish restaurants located along the coast of Portugal which can be enjoyed with some excellently produced local wine. Sesimbra is a bustling seaside village which offers the tourist and resident a wide choice of activities. Sesimbra provides a large selection of shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants as well as the larger supermarkets, hotels and guesthouses. Sesimbra is enjoyed both by the portuguese and foreign visitor alike, with the weekends and summer months seeing the largest influx of new people.

Sesimbra real estate in comparison with other European coastal villages is still affordable and for the investor who is prepared to rent their property in the high season, one should see a reasonable return on their investment.