Search for property online

Recent studies in Europe indicate that at least 80% of all properties that are sold today are first seen on the internet. These remarkable statistics of course will vary from country to country and area to area, however they are so significant that if you do intend to sell a home in Portugal or buy a home in Portugal, you cannot do without an internet presence.

The internet search has become such a vital tool in the marketing of properties to such an extent that if you advertise your property for sale in Portugal without it being on view to the many millions whom surf the net each day then selling your home in Portugal will become that much more difficult.

When choosing your realtor it is vitally important to see how well they do on the organic web searches, that is to say that if they are able to appear on the first page of let’s say Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines when you type in a particular property request; you are far more likely to sell property in Portugal more successfully if your realtor has the ability to have their presence shown.

Our areas of expertise at Living Portugal Property follow the coast from Aldeia do Meco in Sesimbra all the way down to and across the Sado Estuary to Carvalhal at the base of the Troia peninsula. Our areas include Troia, Troia Resort, Sol Troia, Comporta, Carrasqueira, Possanco and Carvalhal on the peninsula and from Aldeia do Meco including Sesimbra, to Arrabida on the mainland.

We also have selected pockets of interest which include Sintra and other areas of Portugal where we have unusual or luxury properties for sale. As our potential clients are targeted mainly abroad and in different languages we constantly strive to have our internet presence felt. This consumes many hours of the day and at times is quite an expensive task.

However as we never shirk our responsibility and are constantly updating our web presence, all of our clients whom wish to either sell property in Portugal or buy property in Portugal are assured that the challenges that we face are constantly taken to task.