Real Estate Portugal


Apartments for sale in Portugal

Many of the apartments in Portugal for sale are a mixture between the newly constructed apartment building or are in fact the more traditional and older type of building which has been renovated and converted into multi-unit apartments. Like in most other modern and larger cities there is a wide choice of new high-rise structures also being built which offer a variety of apartments in Portugal for sale.


Land for sale in Portugal

Portugal presents many different opportunities for the land investor with land for sale in Portugal ranging from a small building plot right through to the large tracts of land which may be available either for agricultural production or for the development of housing, commercial estates or tourism. Land prices vary throughout the country with both property in the Alentejo and northern Portugal probably offering some of the best deals around. Land in Portugal can be purchased with or without planning permission which in the latter case can take anywhere between six and twelve months to obtain.


Luxury Houses in Portugal

If one is fortunate enough to be able to buy a luxury property in Portugal, one can imagine that if this home is compared with most other parts of Europe one would anticipate obtaining much more of a luxury house in Portugal for the same money than one would pay elsewhere in most other parts of Europe.


Luxury Properties in Portugal

If one is able to purchase a Luxury Property in Portugal under the current financial climate, then one could quite easily understand the many advantages that this purchase should bring from both a perspective of cost and what one is able to obtain for ones money.


Ruins for sale in Portugal

There are many ruins for sale in Portugal especially up north and in the Alentejo. The reason seems to be that these areas which were once occupied by the older generations particularly for livestock or agricultural production have over the latter years been abandoned. Many of the ruins for sale in Portugal are available because the younger generations have turned away from the country life and have been lured by the larger cities leaving many of the properties in Portugal for sale to fall into a state of disrepair.