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Tavira, Portugal is a beautiful antiquated town which is located within the greater area of the eastern Algarve on Portugal's southern coast. Tavira is a favourite tourist destination for many Europeans and especially those from Spain which is only a short thirty minute drive away, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Tavira which is still a modern day fishing town can trace its heritage back to before the Romans and included the Moors between the eighth and thirteenth centuries until 1242 when the area was reconquered by the Knights of the Order of Santiago. The cost of livng in Tavira is relatively inexpensive with real estate prices still affordably priced when compared with many other areas of the Algarve.


Due to its quite wealthy past, Tavira has some stunning architecture which includes the many churches which are located throughout the town and is a very enjoyable place to spend time either walking the traditional streets or luncing in one of the many restaurants or cafes that are located along the river.


Whether you are a solo traveller or family there are plenty of activities to occupy your time including many water pleasures, such as boat cruises, fishing, sailing, surfing or kayaking, as well as walking the many nature trails, bird watching or horse riding. One must not forget the main reason that visitors flock to Tavira is because of the warm sea, golden sands and generally the lazy sunny days on the beach.


For further information on Tavira, we recommend you visit the many online sites that provide an in depth knowledge on this beautiful area of Portugal.