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Size 600 sq. m.
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Size 1292 sq. m.
Type Residential
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Bathrooms 6
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Size 665 sq. m.
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Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 5
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Size 1250 sq. m.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 4
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Size 812 sq. m.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 5
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Size 1190 sq. m.
Type Other
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Size 2115 sq. m.
Type Farm and Ranch
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Size 725 sq. m.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 6
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Leiria the city is the capital of the Leiria District and is also a municipality in the Central Region of Portugal which covers an area of 565 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 150,000 inhabitants. The name Leiria translates to an “area with small agricultural plots.”


The area around the city was believed to be occupied by an early Celtiberian tribe and later on by the Romans. It was also occupied by the Moors until they were defeated by Afonso Henriques the first King of Portugal. Early in the 14th century, King Dinis I ordered the plantation of the famous Leiria Pine Forest with the wood from this area being used to build the ships which were part of the Portuguese Navigations in the 15th and 16th centuries. As the town continued to expand it was given the title of a city in 1545


Leiria is 70 kilometres from Coimbra, 177 kilometres from Porto and 137 Kilometres from Lisbon


Leiria parishes;

Amor, Arrabal, Bajouca, Bidoeira de Cima, Caranguejeira, Colmeias e Memoria, Coimbrao, Leiria Pousos Barreira e Cortes, Maceira, Marrazes e Barosa, Milagres, Monte Real e Carvide, Monte Redondo e Carreira, Parceiros e Azoia, Regueira de Pontes, Santa Catarina da Serra e Chainca, Santa Eufemia e Boa Vista, Souto da Carpalhosa e Ortigosa.


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