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Size 5600 sq. m.
Style Ranch
Type Farm and Ranch
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Size 700 sq. m.
Style 3 Story
Type Other

Arraiolos, Portugal is a town and municipality in the District of Evora and boasts a small population of around seven thousand residents with three thousand of these living with the town itself. Arraiolos covers an area of 683 square kilometres which is made up of mainly agricultural land (Farmland and vineyards) with the town sitting atop a small hill.


Arraiolos boasts a beautiful castle and Pousada (Hotel) and is worldly renowned for her magnificent embroidered woollen rugs and carpets which have been in production here since the Middle Age. Arraiolos is also a great little town where one can taste many of the locally produced patisseries, cheeses, olives and wine. Arraiolos is approximately 108 kilometres from the Spanish border town of Badajoz and 123 kilometres from the capital city Lisbon.


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