Investment Protection

Build and protect your property investments


Property Buyers and Investors

Secure property purchase without cash being at risk.

Reduce the financial burden by alleviating the need for additional loans or for tying up assets.

Gain time to structure an effective financing method for the purchase.

Build equity over time for the payment of a deferred part of the property price.

Safeguard any cash deposits paid to the Vendor / Developer.

Keep control of the working capital for as long as possible.


Vendors and Property Developers

Provide incentive and security to buyers.

Generate a steady stream of qualified and creditworthy clients and prospects.

Broaden the scope of clients from individual to commercial buyers.

Guarantee that any transactional facility offered to the buyer will be secured.


Equity Bond allows the buyer to reduce the initial cash payment when buying an existing property. The buyer may initially be able to raise only 75% or 80% of equity (traditionally through mortgage) to finance the property purchase. If accepted by the vendor, the buyer can defer some of the property price by a number of years. This allows the buyer to build the outstanding equity over an agreed time period. In case of buyer’s default, the vendor is given assurance that he will receive the full deferred payment from the insurer at an agreed time as this deferred payment is guaranteed by the Equity Bond. The buyer is then liable to the insurer.

Deposit Bond is an alternative to making a cash depositThe Deposit Bond is a fixed guarantee issued on behalf of a property buyer in place of the cash deposit. At completion of the property, the buyer pays the full amount of the agreed purchase price and the Bond automatically expires. If the buyer fails to complete, the bonded deposit amount is paid to the vendor by the insurer. The Buyer is then liable to the insurer.

Deposit Insurance indemnifies the buyer for the cash deposit paid for a property purchase in case of the property vendor / developer’s failure to deliver due to insolvency or bankruptcy. The insurance covers the full insured amount of the deposit received by the vendor / developer from the Buyer.

All of these Solutions can work for you

Any of these solutions can be used, alone or together, in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. All solutions are supported by leading international specialised insurers with superior financial strength and claims paying ability. The Company offering these services is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The company is allowed to hold clients’ monies and operates in a range of European languages in addition to English.

Investment Protection