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There are three hundred thousand overseas properties for sale in Portugal contact Living Portugal Property to find your perfect home


If you already own an Overseas Property in Portugal, you will have already discovered that the buying process in your "new country", is different than from where you originate. Even though when buying property overseas the end result is the same, in that you now own a property the buying process, legal procedures and in many cases the language can be somewhat different. If you have decided to buy an Overseas Property in Portugal and you would like your buying process to run smoothly, then may we suggest that you give us a call.


Buying Portuguese property can be a daunting task and unless you have a professional real estate agent and a competent legal representative, it may just be a little too much to go it alone. Even though we have completed many purchasing transactions in Portugal and now the buying process is pretty familiar to us, we still recommend you hire the services of a solicitor or lawyer whose speciality is Portuguese property. Laws and regulations are constantly changing, taxes fluctuate and processes change, so when you buy your overseas property in Portugal always but always seek professional and legal advice first.


If you decide to buy your new property in Portugal through us, then all the services that we provide are free of charge to you. When you are ready to search for your Overseas Property in Portugal, simply get in touch and we'll guide you in a professional and ethical manner all the way to your new home.



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