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Ourique is a city in the District of Beja in Alentejo, Portugal. The population has approximately six thousand inhabitants and covers an area of 663 square kilometres.


This town is famous for the Battle of Ourique which took place in 1139 between the armies of Prince Afonso Henriques and the Moors. The battle is said to have taken place between Ourique and Castro Verde where five Moorish kings fought the Portuguese Prince’s army until their defeat which at the time was considered to be a divine miracle.


Legend suggests that prior to the battle the Prince was visited by an old man who had dreamt that the Prince with God’s help would be victorious and that he was advised to leave camp alone when the local chapel bell rang. Riding off, the Prince was struck by a ray of light that he interpreted as Jesus Christ on a crucifix and upon kneeling he heard a voice telling him that he would defeat the Moors. The next day apparently through his own courage he defeated the Moors and almost immediately was declared king of Portugal.  His coat of arms would include five shields which represented the five defeated kingdoms.


The are four civil parishes;

Garvao e Santa Luzia, Ourique, Panoias e Conceicao, Santana da Serra


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