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The average Portuguese property buyer knows very little about owning a mobile home in Portugal, as it is a relatively new concept, but due to the relative low costs of purchasing a mobile home in Portugal, it is however, becoming more and more popular. Generally, you purchase the home and lease the land, with in some cases, an opportunity to let your mobile home, when you are not using it.

The concept at Ecocoon, is very simple, you purchase an affordable, mobile home log cabin from the owner of the estate and then lease the land on an annual basis. The normal contract is for five years however, given that the Portuguese real estate market is a little slow at this current time, all deals are negotiated on an individual basis. As it is very difficult to obtain financing on a mobile home in Portugal, the majority of buyers, release equity from their principal property to pay for their new mobile home.

Over the last two years (2016 and 2017), the rental return for those who already own their properties on the estate and have paid their ground rent, have received an annual income of €12,000 minus a 25% management charge, which has meant that not only do they get to use their properties, their ground rent is paid and they have also received an additional profit.

Another great reason to own a property within a mobile home park in Portugal is that if ever you decide to relocate somewhere else, you simply hire a company that will pick up your home and deliver it to your new location of choice.

Currently, the estate is open all year round, and therefore, if you wished to live here permanently, and take advantage of the relatively low costs, you could. The latest model is a T1 that sleeps four persons, with a listing price of €45,000. This is a fantastic way to own a home in one of Portugal’s most sought after destinations at an extremely affordable price.


The second phase of the resort will be available shortly. Register your interest by sending us an email below.


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