Luxury Properties in Portugal

If one is able to purchase a Luxury Property in Portugal under the current financial climate, then one could quite easily understand the many advantages that this purchase should bring from both a perspective of cost and what one is able to obtain for ones money. Unfortunately for some, but of benefit to others, many serious sellers at the moment are having to list their luxury properties at extremely competitive prices when compared with the rest of Europe and many of the other developed nations throughout the world.

Currently and probably for some time to come buying a luxury property in Portugal should prove in the long run to be a sensible purchase and if it is your intention to reside in the country full time, then the quality of life and the cost of living here should also prove to your advantage. Even if you are purchasing your luxury property in Portugal as a second or holiday home, again many advantages may be had by leasing your property to the high end tourist for the summer months. In fact with the current climate there are even tenants looking to lease properties for the whole year.

As a foreign national you are probably familiar with the Algarve, however If you are tempted to buy luxury properties in Portugal either as an Investment Property or as a Second Home then you should seriously take a look at the Blue Coast (Costa Azul) in Alentejo. This area of Portugal offers some of the best deals around and from a long term point of view is considered to be Portugal's hottest property spot for buying.

The Blue Coast stretches south of Lisbon to the top of the Algarve and boasts twenty two Blue Flag awarded beaches and two marinas. This spectacular area of Portugal should be on everyones list and given the size and scope of Alentejo, this part of the country is and will continue to be an excellent spot to own your luxury property in Portugal. There are already a number of luxury developments taking hold in the area including troiaresort at the tip of the Troia peninsula and the developments in and around Comporta which include Herdade da Comporta and the Pestana group. For further information on these luxury developments, simply drop us a line.

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Luxury Properties in Portugal