Living in Portugal


Golden Residence Programme

Who may apply for the Golden Visa Residency Permit?

Citizens involved in an investment activity, either individually or through a company conducting, one of the following operations in Portuguese national territory for a minimum period of five years


Non-Habitual Residents

Benefits for a period of 10 years

Taxation on personal labour income (IRS) in Portugal is set at a fixed rate of 20% with no double taxation on pensions, employment or self-employment income obtained abroad


Retired Persons

Pensioners or retired persons who wish to establish their permanent residence in Portugal

Retired persons who have not had residence in Portugal over the last five years may enjoy a total tax exemption on their pension income for a period of ten years, which in some cases may be extended for further periods


Moving to Portugal

Nationals of EEA Member States who intend to move to Portugal for over three months must register within 30 days of the end of their first three months in the country at the Town Council (Municipality) in which they live. When they register they are issued with a registration certificate which is valid for five years or for the period of residence, if less than five years


Living in Portugal

The political, administrative and legal system. Portugal is a parliamentary republic with a president elected by direct universal suffrage for a five-year term of office


Working in Portugal

The minimum working age for employees is generally 16, however, a young person can only enter into a contract of employment if they have completed compulsory schooling. From 18 years of age upwards, a contract of employment may be entered into without completing compulsory schooling


Shipping to Portugal

Portugal is the perfect destination, offering history, culture, affordability, long sunny days and sunsets to remember and some of the finest fish and shellfish you will ever taste. Therefore, if you are moving to this beautiful country it is important to know how to ship your household goods, vehicles, the regulations and tips for a better shipping process.



Live in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country to reside in and boasts much natural beauty including her marvelous coast line, mountain greenery and plains. Portugal has some wonderful traditional and modern architecture, boasts much art and history and is accompanied with such delights as her music, song and dance. Many opportunities exist for either rental or the purchase of a home


UK Government

A guide for British nationals living in Portugal, including information on healthcare, residency, finance, benefits and property issues