Land for sale in Portugal

Plots of land for residential homes, farms, country estates and land for development.

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Portugal presents many different opportunities for the land investor with land for sale in Portugal ranging from a small building plot right through to the large tracts of land which may be available either for agricultural production or for the development of housing, commercial estates or tourism.

Land prices vary throughout the country with both property in the Alentejo and northern Portugal probably offering some of the best deals around. Land in Portugal can be purchased with or without planning permission which in the latter case can take anywhere between six and twelve months to obtain.

Tracts of land and building plots can be found within the cities, towns, countryside and coastal areas of Alentejo with the prices to suit all budgets. However, if you are willing to search diligently you can still find the odd opportunity to purchase a building plot for as little as ten thousand Euros if you do not mind living in the countryside.

Portugal seems to be the only country in Europe whose land area is increasing. This is happening because much of the land that was registered many years ago was not registered with the correct size, but with new registration the owners are now obliged to correct these figures which in turn is making “more” land avalable.

Portugal is a beautiful southern European country which offers many different settings and lifestyles and if you are searching for your ideal plot, then you should with a little time be able to find what you require.