Horse Riding in Comporta

Beach Countryside

Imagine for a moment, the skies without clouds are clear Comporta blue; you are free and at one with nature. The vast Atlantic Ocean gently whispers her tales as the wind blows a warm summer’s breeze across you bow.  You are enticed to trot and then to gallop the sandy shores as the sun’s rays carry you off in a dream like state along the Alentejo coast. Of course you are Horse Riding in Comporta.

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Horse Riding along the Alentejo Coast

Marvel at the scenery as you gallop through the private 14000 hectare Herdade da Comporta Estate encountering mature pine forests, pristine beaches, the swirl of the Atlantic Ocean and the stillness and calm of the Sado Estuary. Enjoy the sport of King’s, bridle your horse and ride like the wind through this privileged and paradisical area of Portugal. The intensified colours of blue and green encapsulate the sky with the sea as bird songs call out from within the tranquility of nature’s heart.

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Trails, Stabling, Training, Packages

As a beginner or experienced rider you may ride with confidence any one of the selected thoroughbred polo horses that have been bred and trained to the highest standards. Your instructor and gentleman Jose Ribeira was “born in the saddle” and counts over fifty years of horse riding experience including such disciplines as show jumping, long distance riding, racing, dressage, haute ecole and was trained under the master horseman Guillerme Borba. At Horse riding in Comporta your skilled and multi-disciplined instructor Jose Ribeira will take you on a journey that will stay with you for many years to come.

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Horse Riding Activities in Comporta

The recently added activity of horse riding in Comporta will enable you and your family to enjoy the warm summer days whilst taking in the amazing scenery that surrounds you as the wind bristles past and the sun sets yonder. Horse riding in Comporta offers many types of activities and services including horse classes, stabling, horse hire, corporate (Team Building) packages and a variety of treks which include beach, paddy field or pine forest scenery where you will enjoy deserted and wild beaches, open countryside or wildlife treks along the Sado.

Comporta Horse Stables Alentejo Portugal Saddle your Horse in Comporta Alentejo Portugal Cavalos na Areia Comporta Portugal in Alentejo Polo Thoroughbreds Comporta

Stable your Horse in Comporta

The Herdade da Comporta Estate is a renowned area for traditional fishing, pristine coastline and her umbrella pine forest set against the stunning backdrop of the Serra da Arrabida nature reserve where your sights may also  include dolphins, storks, the heron, waders, ducks and more. Comporta and her surrounding villages offer tantalizing traditional gastronomical delights including fish, shellfish, venison, organically fed beef, lamb or pork; all of which which may be accompanied by the superb and locally produced wines from  the Alentejo area which are without doubt some of the finest wines in the country.

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Fun for All the Family in Comporta

Comporta is located 100 kilometres south of Lisbon with the average car journey taking approximately one hour. You may also arrive by ferry from Setubal which offer both foot passenger and vehicle passage.


Atlantic Tour, Herdade da Comporta

A few pictures from the last Atlantic Tour in Comporta

Atlantic Tour 2012 HdC Atlantic Tour Comporta 2012 Alentejo Coast Professional Horse Jumping Portugal Horse Riding in Portugal Professionally with HdC


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