Dinner Parties in Portugal

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Congratulations! You intended to buy your new home in Portugal so that you and your family could holiday all year round; now that you have, you wish to have the pleasurable company of a few of your favourite friends. So why not wow them with your excellent service and etiquette by following these tips.

Invitations - Can be written, by phone or email, delivered in person. Guests are expected to RSVP.

Greet guests at the door. Have a place for their personal items. Introduce people. Accept host/ess gifts graciously.

Offer guests beverages and hors d'oeuvres.

During hors d'oeuvres, slip out to the kitchen quickly to get the first course on the table before the guests are asked to take their seats (unless that first course is hot, in which case you should wait until the guests are seated). 

Call guests to the table and direct them to where you want them to sit, either with place cards or verbally.

Follow an etiquette book as far as setting the table. Many things have changed in recent years. 

Not all of the pieces that were once used are necessary now, and some utensils are placed in different locations. A guest should never have to move a utensil to get to his/her napkin.

After each course, remove the plate and utensils used.

After the entree, remove all plates, used utensils, salt and pepper, butter, dressing, and so on.

The dessert fork and spoon are usually placed at the top of the plate. They would remain on the table until dessert is served.

Serve dessert and coffee cups. Place sugar and creamer on the table.

After dessert, you do not need to remove the dessert dishes, unless they will be seen from the living room or family room for the rest of the evening.

Hors d'oeuvres and cocktail glasses should have been cleared already.

Games and conversation are both acceptable during this time.

When guests leave, get their coat and belongings, walk them to the door, say a brief good-bye and return to the other guests. 

PS. Remember to give your family and friends our contacts details at Living Portugal Property so they too, can enjoy holidays, good friends and memorable times all year round.