Carvalhal, Comporta, Grandola, Portugal.


Carvalhal Portugal is a parish located within the municipality of Grandola which also incorporates both Comporta and Troia. Carvalhal the village is located just to the side of the Atlantic Ocean and grew up along with the local industries of agriculture, wood and tourism. Carvalhal boasts some of the most pristine beaches in Portugal, many of which have earned the Gold Standard award including Praia do Carvalhal and Praia do Pego. The parish of Carvalhal is probably most famous for its Roman ruins positioned along the Troia peninsula and today benefits from the local production of both rice and wines.


Carvalhal Village is approximately 3 kilometers from the beach and due to the expansion of the local tourist industry is now starting to benefit from the influx of the tourist Dollar. Carvalhal property prices are fair when compared with the luxury developments in Troia, however because of the limited availability of housing stock, prices are on the rise. Although limited, you can still find a number of properties that are in need of repair, however unless you are willing to meander through the halls of the planning department and hire local builders you may decide to opt for a newly constructed property first.

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