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Making an offer once you have identified the property you wish to buy is simple. Your offer can be subject to certain conditions and once accepted, you will sign the Promissory Contract preferably with your lawyer at a Notary's office.

Recommended use the services of a competent lawyer throughout the purchasing process who will assist you will all aspects of the purchase and financial aspects.

Please note the normal contractual obligations of an intended purchase in Portugal will mean that you will forfeit your deposit if you pull out of the contract and the seller will need to double your deposit if they do the same.

Prior to closing the sale you will need a Portuguese Fiscal number which may be obtained from the local tax office and to pay the purchase taxes prior to closing the contract which will be concluded at a Notary's office. You should account for an additional 8% to 10% on top of the purchase price for purchase taxes, legal fees and notary charges.


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Buy Property at the Best Price

The process of buying property in Portugal can be an emotional and time-consuming venture. Therefore, feeling that you made the right decision and got a good deal can make all the difference. As with most major decisions, the amount of work and research you undertake before you start shopping for your new home can have a dramatic effect on the end result…

Mistakes when Buying Property

Some buyers who are caught up in the excitement of buying property in Portugal tend to overlook some of these important items which turns their buying experience into an expensive and not so nice experience. These errors generally fall into three areas and therefore to avoid mistakes when buying in Portugal read this informative article…

How to Buy Portuguese Properties

Having a complete understanding of your real estate needs will allow you to have a clear objective which will put you in a much better position when looking to buy your new home. How many bedrooms do you require, where will you spend most of your time and how big a house do you really require are some of the questions you need to ask. As each house purchase and buyer are different, you must make your own list…

Buy a Holiday Home in Portugal

With interest rates low, many holidaymakers are starting to think about purchasing a holiday home abroad. While simple holiday rental cost vs. mortgage cost comparisons can be very attractive, buying a holiday home in Portugal is a serious commitment with many factors to consider. Therefore, before rushing in to buy your dream home, make sure that you understand your financial position…

Buying Luxury Property in Portugal

It is easy to fall in love with certain luxury features of a home when you buy property in Portugal, but to find out that those same luxury features, in the long run, turn out to be your least favourite can be very disappointing. Take a look at the following luxury features and see if you agree with the pro's and con's…

Home Purchase in Portugal

Purchasing a home in Portugal can be a complex process and therefore having all of the information you need before you start can make your property purchase a much smoother affair. Download six strategies on how to buy property in Portugal and make your home purchase work for you and not against you…

Search the Internet

Recent studies in Europe indicate that at least 80% of all properties that are bought today are first seen on the internet. These remarkable statistics of course will vary from country to country and area to area, however they are so significant that if you do intend to buy property in Portugal you need to know as much as you can…

Calculate Property Payments

If you have found a property to buy in Portugal which is to your liking and you are considering whether to purchase or not, then perhaps you would like to find out how much your new property may cost you. By using our simple Property Payments Calculator you will be able to discover how much your new home will cost…

Currency Exchange

When purchasing real estate in Portugal you may be required to exchange your foreign currency into Euros and if done with the help of a professional foreign currency broker you may find that your purchase works out better than you first imagined. Simply ask one of our currency brokers to give you a no obligation quote…

Portuguese Property Law / Taxes

Now that you have made the decision to buy property in Portugal, it is recommended that you hire the services of a professional Property Lawyer to help facilitate the buying process. A legally licensed lawyer may cost an additional few thousand Euros depending upon the complexity and value of the intended purchase but their experience and services are well worth the money…

Reading the above articles are in addition to having an exceptional agent.