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Bom Sucesso Bom Sucesso



Bom Sucesso Design Resort Leisue & Golf

A tourism development project of international reach, situated in the western coastal region of Portugal (Silver Coast), on a large area of land on the banks of the Óbidos Lagoon. The project involves, in its initial stage, the BOM SUCESSO – Lagoa Golfe Tourism Village, comprising 601 housing units, with 325 individual plots for detached villas and 276 townhouses, a 120-room hotel and diverse and comprehensive leisure facilities and services, including an 18-hole golf course.




Commercial Launch

The commercial launch of BOM SUCESSO Design Resort, Leisure & Golf started at the end of 2004. At that time we were moved by a burning ambition to create an innovative product, enhancing the natural conditions of the land, fantastically located in the western region of Portugal with its rich historical and cultural heritage and great natural beauty. Indeed, the characteristics of the region – accessibility, facilities, preserved landscape, historical heritage and cultural programme were decisive for the development of BOM SUCESSO.



This ambition influenced the strategic conception of the development – outstanding contemporary architecture integrated into and influenced by nature. Twenty three world-renowned architects were challenged to take part in the BOM SUCESSO project, putting this concept into effect. This notable group of architects includes names such as Álvaro Siza Vieira, Alcino Soutinho, Eduardo Souto Moura, Inês Lobo, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, Gonçalo Byrne, Manuel Aires Mateus, Manuel Graça Dias, Rogério Cavaco, among others. The group of Portuguese architects was also joined by international architects such as David Chipperfield (United Kingdom) and Josep Llinás (Spain). These names guarantee the best contemporary architecture of a quality that cannot be found in any other development in the world.



This absolutely exceptional union led to a diversity of interpretations and concepts, duly harmonised by a series of unifying rules that ensure the identity of the development. The concern to fit all the housing into its natural surroundings, and also the fact that almost all the buildings will only have one storey (and others two at the most), together with the fact that all the houses have green roofs and all the barriers between plots are hedges, guarantee privacy and a surprising level of camouflage.



In addition to the architectural quality, the land-use rate of less than 7% prevents visual saturation and at the same time ensures notable privacy for such a large resort. BOM SUCESSO has completed the construction of all infrastructures and exterior landscaping and around two hundred housing units have already been completed and handed over to their owners, for private use and/or for holiday rental.



The project concept was based on essential characteristics that represent the competitive capacity of BOM SUCESSO – Design Resort, Leisure & Golf and are its keys for innovation, identity and the creation of added value:



High-quality contemporary architecture


The exclusive intervention of contemporary architecture with the participation of a notable group of architects of international renown.



Integration into nature


The quality of the natural landscape required careful landscaping. To this end, two essential rules were defined that challenged the architectural creativity: all the buildings have green roofs and all divisions between plots are barriers of vegetation;



Diversity of Leisure Facilities and Services


A wide variety of leisure facilities and outstanding services, the use of the development's own facilities enhanced by the right to preferential use of neighbouring facilities by residents;



A low construction rate of 7.2%


Approximately 90% of the buildings have only one storey and the remainder only two storey’s which guarantees visual freedom and at the same time surprising privacy in such a large resort.



Bom Sucesso Championship Golf Course Silver Coast Championship Golf Course



The BOM SUCESSO Tourism Development

Includes two sublime Golf Courses – an 18 hole championship course and a 9-hole course. The BOM SUCESSO Golf Course is an 18 hole course with a Golf Academy and is one of the project's main leisure facilities. It covers an area of more than 60 hectares and stretches along the length of BOM SUCESSO – Design Resort, Leisure & Golf on steep terrain with spectacular views of the sea and the lagoon, planted with dense Mediterranean vegetation with a few exotic species. Hundreds of old olive trees have been planted throughout the resort, in combination with camellias, azaleas, magnolias and other trees that all give this Golf Course a unique setting.



Designed by Donald Steel, one of the most famous golf architects in the world, the golf course at BOM SUCESSO has 18 Championship holes, a par 72 and a length of 6,470 m. The BOM SUCESSO golf course was opened to the public in 2008 and is a member of IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators), which is a guarantee of quality and commitment. In the future extension – Aldeamento da Floresta – there will also be a second 9-hole golf course, intended for golfers with an average/low handicap.



Bom Sucesso Hilton Hotel Silver Coast Hilton Hotel



The Design Resort, Leisure & Golf also has a hotel that will be part of the prestigious Hilton International chain, scheduled to open in 2012. The new Hilton Bom Sucesso, Óbidos will be a 5 star hotel with 120 rooms, situated at the heart of the resort and with an excellent view over the golf course, extensive gardens and an ecological reserve, set on an 82,660 m2 plot. The future Hilton Bom Sucesso, Óbidos was designed by the architect Eduardo Souto Moura.



Built on a hill in, "terracotta reinforced concrete and with metal balconies with hanging vegetation, it merges with the landscape”, thus following the general philosophy of the other buildings in BOM SUCESSO. The building extends along the ridge of the hill and uses the steep slope of the land to develop the main body of the building, guaranteeing excellent sun exposure and views that extend along a valley to the landscape of the ecological reserve. The building has two main sections, the largest of which contains the guest rooms, the spa and the restaurant area. The other section, to the north, will house conference facilities and other services. The hotel has a large restaurant and bar area with terraces, a large garden and a saltwater swimming pool.



The development has two extensions at a licensing stage, the Aldeamento Turístico da Floresta and Aldeamento Sul, totalling around 282 hectares of land and around 191 thousand mof construction, with a total of 1,050 housing units at the end.



Bom Sucesso Design Resort Silver Coast Design Resort








The BOM SUCESSO Design Resort, Leisure & Golf development has been recognised as a “Project of Potential National Interest” (PIN), a status granted by the Portuguese Investment Agency (API), a state body created in 2005 to promote and support major investment projects that generate wealth for the Portuguese economy and are of national interest.



The first application dates from 2005, having been formally submitted in December of that year. The application covered only the BOM SUCESSO – Lagoa Golf Village and in 2008 a request was submitted to extend the classification to its two extension Villages – Aldeamento da Floresta and Aldeamento Sul. This extension was approved in May 2008, in other words, since that date the whole BOM SUCESSO Tourism Complex has been classified as a PIN project.



This recognition is a confirmation of the public value of the project and a corollary of the innovation introduced by this product, recognition of its added value, converting it into a paradigm of the development of tourism products in Portugal. The considerable contribution of the best contemporary architecture to this innovative project is joined by other equally important elements: the quality and number of amenities, the privileged location, as well as the projection it has already achieved in external markets; countless benefits that characterise it as an example to be followed both in Portugal and abroad.



The “PIN” classification is indeed an indication of a high-quality project of considerable size and is reflected in the greater readiness of the Public Authorities to resolve problems and streamline procedures. It also enables the members of CAPIN (PIN monitoring committee) to monitor more delicate situations.



Silver Coast Luxury Properties Luxury Properties Portugal





The Institute of Tourism, after careful assessment of the project, awarded BOM SUCESSO a 5-star classification.


This classification awarded by the DGT (now Turismo de Portugal) covers the whole Tourism Village – the 601 houses, both villas and townhouses – and also recognises the excellence of an innovative concept, one of a kind in the world. Architecture as an enhancement, the vast range of amenities and services, the low level of land use and the careful planning, are some of the differentiating features of this BOM SUCESSO tourism complex.


It is to be noted in this regard that besides BOM SUCESSO there are only 3 other tourism developments in Portugal with a 5-star classification.


This classification is especially relevant to enhancing the rental of tourism units and as a guarantee of the quality of the properties. BOM SUCESSO is the only development in the western region with a 5-star classification and this will be a critical differentiating factor for its tourism accommodation products, since their promotion by international tour operators becomes accessible and appealing.





Considering its potential to drive external demand in the area of tourism and as an active element in the creation of wealth and the generation of local employment, BOM SUCESSO has been recognised as a project of Tourism Interest, which results in tax benefits. These attributes are important since they confirm the importance of the investment for the region.





BOM SUCESSO – Design Resort, Leisure & Golf has also received numerous awards (both in Portugal and abroad) that attest to the quality of the project. These include the Overseas LIVING Luxury LifeStyle 2008 award in the category of European Real Estate Developer, the CNBC Europe & Africa Property 2008 award, in the category of Best Development in Portugal and also the CNBC European Property Award 2009 in the category of Best Site Development.


It has also been the subject of study and research, receiving numerous study visits by professionals and students for whom BOM SUCESSO is a model for reflection and discussion on the subject of dwellings.


Furthermore, and as a reflection of this recognition, numerous references have been made to BOM SUCESSO – Design Resort, Leisure & Golf in the Portuguese and international press due to its innovative character and positive contribution to Portuguese tourism. In fact, since its launch, BOM SUCESSO has always received extensive coverage in editorials in internationally prestigious press including Sunday Times, Financial Times, Irish Times, Business Post, Irish Independent, El Pais, The Scotsman, The Times and Homes Overseas (in which BOM SUCESSO was in 3rd place in the “Self-Built Developments” Top Ten on a world level), as well as countless references in the Portuguese press.



Portugal Property Property Portugal







On the completion of the first houses at the end of 2008, the first housing units could be handed over to owners and some of them began to be rented out to tourists. This launch inspired the creation of two BOM SUCESSO brands:


Living Design Villas – plots of privately-owned villas and townhouses.

Holiday Design Villas – houses available to rent, for holidays or weekends.



The intention is to distinguish the two different ways the resort is used, through direct ownership or temporary use associated with tourism rentals. This distinction, through the BOM SUCESSO brand, emphasises the specific characteristics of the two ways of experiencing the BOM SUCESSO resort.



This diversification required the creation of a specific corporate structure, duly qualified and specialised, and also the opening of new channels and markets. The Holiday Design Villas are thus managed by Gestión T3, a company specialising in international hotel management with significant experience in the sector, particularly in the management of 5-star hotels.



The completion and handover of the first houses has also led to the creation of a personalised support service Leisure@bomsucesso to ensure that the users of BOM SUCESSO make the most of the leisure facilities and services available at the resort. Besides the Golf Course, there are also Multi-sport and Football Grounds, Tennis and Paddle Courts, an enormous Kids Park and a communal Swimming-pool, several Restaurants and Bars, a group of Shops and a Dedicated Beach. There is also a wide range of services, Baby-sitting, Non-stop Shuttle, Laundry, Supermarket with Gourmet Shop and other services to provide visitors with an exceptional experience at this resort, including the BOM SUCESSO – Living Card, which ensures access to very special treatment, including free entry to some of the cultural events promoted by the Municipality of Óbidos.



Silver Coast Property Silver Coast Property







At the BOM SUCESSO development both Townhouses and Plots for Detached Villas are for sale.


Townhouses are sets of houses on the same plot, which share a large garden and a communal swimming-pool. They have green roofs and also patios and private garden spaces. Townhouses have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and some have covered parking or a private garage.



Plots for detached villas vary between 700 m2 and 3000 m2 and are priced according to their location and the architectural plans intended for the plot. They have 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms. The swimming-pool and exterior landscaping are optional.



While townhouses are only sold completed, with plots for detached villas there is the possibility of buying the plot with the ready-prepared architectural and engineering plans and arranging for the construction of the house at a future date. ACORDO guarantees a pre-defined price for the construction of all plans (which, due to economies of scale, is extremely competitive).


For these reasons, the product is highly competitive in terms of its quality/price ratio.



Obidos Portugal Obidos Portugal





There are a series of attractive ownership options for buying at BOM SUCESSO – created to make this resort as accessible as possible to anyone who appreciates the design and luxury associated with this project. The buyers can choose the best profile to match their needs.


We offer, in particular:


Freehold Purchase

Freehold Tourism Option




Freehold Purchase


The property is purchased with full rights to exclusive use at any time of the year. When you pay the full price of the villa, it becomes your property to be used however you like, so you can live in it, take your holidays in it or just weekends. The only obligation will be a resort/plot maintenance charge, and we also require you to maintain your building and its surroundings in accordance with the high quality of the whole design and its development, a service that can be contracted from the Resort.



Freehold Tourism Option


BOM SUCESSO offers a purchase option integrated into the development's tourism operations, which is currently expanding in Portugal and abroad. To meet the needs of those who purchase a villa for part-time use, an attractive purchase option was devised.



This option applies to the purchase of Townhouses and Detached Villas and combines full ownership of the house with rental for tourism during part of the year, in consideration for financial compensations, and an extremely high-quality service, in addition to various tax benefits.



Some characteristics of the freehold tourism option


Fully furnished, equipped and decorated house to 5-star standards. Full use of the house for part of the year, with flexibility in establishing which periods. Pleasant holidays in a Luxury Resort, with privileged access to all amenities and services.

Possibility of receiving income during periods in which you are not using your holiday home. Management of the property and rentals by a specialist and highly professional team.



This is an attractive option for those who want to spend a substantial part of their time in their house, but who also seek to obtain compensation during the period in which they do not use the house, through professional tourism rental. With this product, professional tourism rental complements the leisure benefits associated with a holiday home, offering the opportunity of annual compensation and reducing the maintenance and property management concerns. The houses are delivered fully furnished, decorated and equipped to 5-star standards.



“Less is More” Fractionals


Fractional ownership consists of sharing an asset. At BOM SUCESSO, the type of asset is limited to properties and ownership may be divided into 4 or 6 parts. Fractional ownership allows several unrelated buyers to combine their resources and jointly own a property. The “Less is More” concept available at BOM SUCESSO offers owners an opportunity to increase the value of their property, minimising purchase and maintenance costs while benefiting from professional management of the property and the resort.



Silver Coast Silver Coast





The reservation process is simple: it starts with a small deposit of €5,000. After the reservation, there is a period of 30 days to exchange papers and sign contracts; the buyer has 8 days to renounce without any losses.


After the exchange of papers, the process is different for plots and for townhouses.



Terms of payment

For an un-built Townhouse, the buyer must pay 15% when signing the preliminary contract, 25% six months after the construction starts, and the remaining 60% with the execution of the public deed. The house is assigned to tourism operations. Please ask our sales staff about options for townhouses under construction or already finished.



For a Plot, the buyer must pay 20% when signing the preliminary contract; a second payment of 15% is due six months after the initial payment; a third payment of 15% is due 6 months after the second. The remaining 50% is due with the execution of the public deed, 18 months after the signing of the preliminary contract.



With regard to the construction of villas, the buyer must pay for the Construction License when it is issued, with a 10% deposit on signing the Construction Contract. The construction services and supervision are paid monthly “by invoice”. Please ask our sales staff about options for villas under construction or already finished.


Buyers can benefit from special conditions and preferential treatment at some of the most prestigious banks, as well as financial discounts in the event of early payment.



Obidos Obidos





The BOM SUCESSO Card represents an important investment by ACORDO. It will be awarded at the time of the execution of the public deed, but is subject to the resolutive condition of maintenance of the property.


The card essentially represents guaranteed privileged access to all BOM SUCESSO Design Resort , Leisure & Golf facilities, as well as special conditions for access to many other facilities located in the area.


These benefits include access to the facilities and cultural programme of Óbidos on the same terms as the Via Verde Card for culture issued by Óbidos Town Council. It also includes preferential use of the Rowing Club, as well as various other golf clubs in the region.


In addition, the BOM SUCESSO Card offers discounts and commercial services, benefits that Acordo considers to be of interest to its customers. Still under expansion, the Card will offer a much wider and more complete range of services in the future, depending on forthcoming yearly agreements regarding benefits outside the resort.


Lagoa de Obidos Lagoa de Obidos





Situated close to the town of Óbidos, in the western coastal area of Portugal, BOM SUCESSO is served by several important new roads such as A8 and A15/IP6. From the motorway exit, it is only a few kilometres to the Atlantic and to the calm Óbidos Lagoon, next to the development.



This excellent accessibility means that BOM SUCESSO is just 50 minutes from Lisbon, 35 minutes from Leiria, 30 minutes from Santarém, 15 minutes from Peniche, 10 minutes from Caldas da Rainha and 120 minutes from Porto. This accessibility together with the cultural attractions and landscape of the region help to enhance the location of BOM SUCESSO.



Óbidos is a town of great traditions and legends 75 km north of Lisbon. It is notable for its delicious food, its highly dynamic cultural life and its architectural and historical heritage, and it is visited by large numbers of tourists every day. Magnificent landscapes with green fields, blue sea and beautiful beaches are also the backdrop for Óbidos and its castle, which are historical and cultural attractions of unique charm.



The town's cultural programme includes several annual festivals and cultural events. The famous Chocolate Festival is also held here each year, attracting a huge number of Portuguese and foreign visitors to this historic town to discover ancient secrets about chocolate.



The Western region extends along the Atlantic coast, bordered by the Montejunto hills. The region has a mild climate and welcomes a growing number of tourists, especially attracted by its golf courses and beaches. Unspoiled beaches such as Baleal, São Martinho do Porto, Areia Branca, Santa Cruz, Peniche, Supertubos and Foz do Arelho make this an increasingly popular destination.



The spas of Vimeiro and Caldas da Rainha, Roman settlements and Arab castles, the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, the Berlengas Nature Reserve, the Óbidos Lagoon, the beaches and the numerous horse-riding, shooting, fishing, sailing, paragliding, diving and surf clubs are examples of the diversity offered by this region.



Bom Sucesso Bom Sucesso





Acordo SGPS was set up in 2001 as a commercial partnership. Its main aims are to anticipate market trends, introduce innovation and build a strong presence in new markets, and its specialist staff has considerable experience in Property Development.



The company operates exclusively in the real-estate market, particularly in the area of tourism, and preferentially through majority holdings in companies set up to undertake single large-scale real-estate projects. Some examples of ACORDO SGPS’s management principles are: a clear preference for original, high quality projects aimed at the upper-market segments, the creation of solid financial partnerships for each project based on a strong equity component that guarantees each operation a good solvency ratio and also the creation of a flexible organisational structure.

ACORDO SGPS has offices in Lisbon, Porto and Óbidos and share capital of 10,750,000 Euros.



Currently the company is responsible for several projects at different levels of development (notably BOM SUCESSO Design Resort, Leisure & Golf) with a total of 300,000 m2 floor area above ground, which will represent approximately 500 million Euros of turnover.



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