Blue Coast Community

The Community is an essential part to any family and it will generally have an enormous bearing on their local lifestyle too. Understanding the local conditions, culture and attitude is very important when the time comes to choose a neighbourhood and buy property in Portugal. The community that you have chosenwill have a dramatic impact on all aspects of your life and therefore one should choose carefully.


The information that we have provided at the following links will provide you with sufficient information about our local community Comporta and the surrounding areas. As a guideline our neighbourhood stretches from Troia Resort including Sol Troia through to Comporta and then on to Carrasqueira, which is a small fishing village on the River Sado, Carvalhal, which is both a village and beach destination and the latest developments being offered by the Herdade da Comporta and a little private Eco development known as Comporta Cocoon.


If you feel that you too would like to be part of this traditional yet forward thinking community and you would like to receive further information on where, what or how to buy property here or anywhere for that matter in Portugal, then feel free to call us at your convenience. My wife and I live and work in Comporta and along the Troia Peninsula, and have had the good fortune of meeting and getting to know many of the other local people and families who live and work here too.


We have become an excellent centre of influence in the area and have certainly been beneficial to numerous tourists and property buyers who have passed through. Even if you are not thinking of buying property within this community, but need some help or advice feel free to call us too!


For further information on how to buy or sell property in Portugal, contact Living Portugal Property, we offer unbiased advice.




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Update 2017

Our neighbourhood is more vibrant than ever!  And over the coming months and years there will be a dramatic change to the landscape that will catapult this neighbourhood into one of the most sought after areas in the whole of Europe. Many of the financial and property journals have already suggested that this neighbourhood will see a triple digit increase in property prices over the next ten to fifteen years.

If you take in to consideration that you already have a select number of the top European companies investing here then what will this bode for the future? A number of the companies that are already here include Sonae, Bank Espirit do Santo, Herdade da Comporta, Amorim, Soares da Costa, Pestana,  and of course ourselves Living Portugal Property.