Aldeia do Meco

Aldeia do Meco, Sesimbra, Portugal.


Aldeia do Meco, Portugal is a fashionable hideout where celebrities and artisans alike, arrive to escape the hustle and bustle of the Capital City, Lisbon for the weekends, and throughout the summer months. Thirty years ago this beautiful Portugues village was home to a small agricultural and fishing community whose chat and gossip was to be heard at the local tavern Acaciao. Under the same family guidance and now in the hands of Senhor Acaciaos' daughter Maria and her husband Eduardo, this restaurant has become one of the finest fish and seafood restaurants in all of Portugal.

Aldeia do Meco has some incredible landscape entwined with the coast that stretches further than any mans imagination and probably boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole of Europe. The village has a great family atmosphere and you can choose either to completely absorb yourself in the naturally stunning surroundings or you make live it up a little at one of the hip bars located throughout the village.

Aldeia do Meco has restaurants to suit every budget, and one thing that you’ll notice very quickly is that there is no shortage of quality or friendliness of your hosts. In fact they’re all our favourites for different reasons and we can only recommend that you spend enough time here to fully appreciate them all.

Aldeia do Meco is also famous for her nudist beach, Rio da Prata and her cosmopolitan awareness including her marvelous gay friendly attitude.


A few of our favourite restaurants and Bars in Aldeia do Meco


One of the best fish restaurants in Portugal


Sergio, Hugo and parents offer fabulously priced quality dishes with the restaurant becoming a bar in the later hours for the hip and younger generations.


Try their Cataplana, you won't find better.

Bar do Peixe

Beach Bar and Restaurant, take your camera for the sunset and dancing shoes from midnight until the early hours of the morning.

Retiro do Meco

João and his family are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Fantastic dishes at affordable prices.

Antonio do Meco

Choquenhos á pédescalço, with plenty of white wine